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Makosi Musambasi

Makosi Musambasi

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  • Makosi, Makosi, Makosi. Boy has she come a long way in the Big Brother House. Whether you like her or not, you just cannot deny that she has really had some experiences, and stirred-things-up a bit for the other housemates.moreless

    On Makosi’s entry into the Big Brother house she was immediately unfortunate enough to be picked for a somewhat original task; make the other housemates *hate* you or you’re up for eviction. And yes, she did succeed. She played the liar; the attention-seeker; the princess, characteristics some may believe she still retains to this very day.

    Makosi passed the task with flying colours. She excelled really. She annoyed the other housemates enough for her to winthe most nominations, thereby securing her place in the Big Brother house for a second week. So, in week 1 she successfully made the other housemates resent her presence so much for her to be kicked out of the House. Week 2 was a very different matter.

    As soon as Makosi’s secret mission ended, she became an integral part of the Big Brother social club. In week 1, whilst trying to be as annoying as she could, she couldn’t completely hide some of her true better qualities, so we would see her at times offering kind words of advice or cheering people up. In week 2, these qualities really shone. Makosi became a liked and, even loved, person in the house. The other housemates immediately appeared to forget her odd behaviour from the first week as they swarmed around her, hoping to become her new best friend. Makosi was the queen of the house, those next few weeks, placed on a pedestal, communicating with all, and loved by all.

    Then, came the group split. An ethnic divide many have called it. And all the previous tensions were forgotten as housemates rushed to take sides. Even Derek ‘the dark deceiver’ and Roberto were accepted into the new form of the ‘lip gloss bitches’ as Makosi made her position as head of group even more permanent.

    Makosi was not now purely someone who offered quiet wisdom and hairstyling tips; she was the forefront of the opposition to the Maxwell/Saskia camp. Many a house-mate and a viewer truly hated the Maskia gang, and so Makosi made it her job to be the vocal champion of her own group. She intentionally sought conflict within matters of alcohol consumption. But she did more than that. She became the enemy, the leader, and the face of the opposition. To Tory Derek, she became Michael Howard.

    However, by now, people were beginning to doubt her. After admitting to Kemal about her week 1 secret mission, Makosi proved herself to be a renounced liar during the work-house task, where she managed to falsely, throw-up and, almost, hide her drunken state. Kemal could see the queen liar at work. And he was unhappy.

    So, her next secret mission served to get her in the public’s eye once again, but proved a reminder to Kemal just how untrustworthy Makosi really was. The Secret Garden cemented the cracks in her relationship with Kemal – he knew what a superb liar she was, he started to have his doubts, and with the fall of Maxwell that very week, Makosi was doomed.

    Maxwell’s premature departure followed his mistress’ the very previous week. And, in one short week, the house was rid of the King and Queen, and began to come together once more.

    Sadly for Makosi, this meant her position was in jeopardy. She had had a role. She had had a cause. Now, her mission was completed, and the enemy had fallen. This meant nobody was in need of Makosi anymore. By choosing to bring Orlaith into the house, she perhaps, was a key part of her own downfall.

    So, you see, Makosi went from hated, to loved, to needed, to plain old Makosi. The fake pregnancy was the last straw for many-a-viewer. Ok, so she was an attention-seeker; everybody who enters the Big Brother house must be to some (large) extent. But this pregnancy – it was frankly ridiculous.

    And so, she lost her status within and outside the house. Inside the house she was no longer needed. The boys had Orlaith, the political champion was Derek, the enemies had vanished, and the group were one. Outside the house viewers turned from their televise sets in disgust at this pregnancy scam. Makosi had been dethroned.

    Today, Makosi is still in the house. She was saved from eviction by her fellow housemates, perhaps out of fear more than anything else. Kemal, once a close friend, is convinced she is a mole. Anthony feels used. Orlaith feels cheated on. Derek feels she doesn’t stand up to Science. And the others couldn’t care less.

    Well, Kemal, whoever Makosi is, give her her own television show NOW – how else will she cope with normal, suburban life?