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  • Trivia

    • Maksim is 6'2" tall.

    • Maksim has performed with his brother, Valentin Chmerkovskiy, on Dancing With The Stars. He also introduced professional newcomer on season six of Dancing With The Stars, Fabian Sanchez, to the show.

    • Maksim is the cofounder of Dance Team USA.

    • Maksim owns two different dance studios called Dance With Me Studio and Rising Stars Dance Academy.

    • Maksim Chmerkovskiy was the choreographer of the Las Vegas Wynn Hotel's show Le Reve. It is a theatrical water performance show.

    • Maksim decided to sit out season six of Dancing With The Stars so he could focus all his energy on his dance studio.

    • Maksim broke his leg in a skiing accident, when he was thirteen.

    • Maksim's favorite physical feature in a woman are her feet.

    • Season Four of DWTS has brought Maksim further in the show and also higher scores than he has ever received. He and partner Laila Ali received a perfect 30 for their Samba in Week 6. They have never been in the bottom two.

    • In season five of DWTS, Maksim has broken a personal record - this is the furthest he has lasted in any of the four season he was in. He and Tia went out in the fifth week in season 2 and with Willa in season 3, they went out also in week five after their Rumba, and in season four, he finished third with Laila.

    • Maksim's partner for the fourth season of Dancing With the Stars was female boxer Laila Ali, daughter of Mohammed Ali. Maksim's partner for the fifth season of Dancing With the Stars was Spice Girl Melanie Brown.

    • In January 2007, Max held his own Ballroom Dance Camp at the world renowned Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Chicago, IL.

    • In March of 2007, Maksim was featured in an dance exercise video titled: Dancing With the Stars: Cardio Dance. Joining Max in the video are Kym Johnson and Ashly Costa (formerly Delgrosso). The video is a cardio exercise workout that is an hour long in length.

    • Maksim was part of the original cast for the Dancing With the Stars Tour, but he pulled out around Thanksgiving to be a part of "an offer that was too good to resist". His partner, Willa Ford, followed his lead and also dropped out soon after.

    • Maksim is currently without a professional dance partner. His past partnerships on the dance floor include:

      Ekaterina Lapaeva
      01 Jul 2006 - 15 Sep 2006

      Elena Grinenko
      01 Jan 2002 - 01 Sep 2005

      Brigita Elksne
      01 Feb 2001 - 01 Dec 2001

      Samanta Togni
      01 Jan 2000 - 01 Dec 2000

      Inna Bykovskaia
      ? - 01 Jan 2000

    • Paired with new mother Tia Carrere in Season 2 of Dancing With The Stars, Maksim got her through Week 5, where they were eliminated after their Mambo.

    • Maksim resides in New Jersey, where he co-owns a dance studio (Dance With Me corp) and gives lessons in between his personal practices.

    • Maksim was partnered with Willa Ford in Season 3 of Dancing With The Stars. The duo were eliminated in Week 5, after a sizzling Rumba that failed to impress enough viewers.


      2005 Yankee Classic Professional Latin Champion
      2005 Blackpool Dance Festival Semi-Finalist
      2004 Manhattan Dancesport Professional Latin Champion
      2004 Nevada Star Ball Champion
      2004 World Masters Finalist
      2004 Moscow Kremlin Cup Finalist
      2004 Holiday Dance Classic Finalist
      2004 Philadelphia Dancesport Festival Champion
      2003 Ohio Star Ball Latin Champion
      2003 La Classique du Quebec Champion
      2003 Professional World Cup Finalist
      2003 All England Championship Champion
      2003 Italian Open Finalist
      2003 German Open Finalist
      2003 US Open Finalist
      2002 Emerald Ball Champion
      2002 Elsa Wells International Rising Star Champion
      1999 USA Open Under 21 Champion
      Ranked 2nd in the US
      Ranked 7th in the World

  • Quotes

    • Maksim: (commenting on sitting out the sixth season of Dancing With the Stars) I am not leaving... I made a deal with the producers. The producers were kind enough to give me a break and let me do it. I'll be back next season, all refreshed and ready to go.

    • Maksim Chmerkovskiy: After coming down from two seasons back-to-back, 10 weeks each season - 14 weeks, if you count all of the rehearsals - it puts a lot of pressure on a person and it takes its toll.

    • Maksim: I know my assets so I don't have a problem opening my shirt. I notice women looking at my chest all the time. If you want to look at my chest, go ahead.

    • Maksim: I work hard for this body, so when I dress it's like a business card. I'm not insecure. I like fitted clothes.

    • Maksim: There are a lot of people who I would love to spend time talking to including: John F. Kennedy, Muhammed Ali, Fred Astaire, Michael Jordan, and many others!

    • Maksim: Everyone concentrates on different things. I believe that when you are on the dance floor, it is too late to think about what you do. Presentation is a huge part of dancing, therefore interaction with the audience is crucial, in my opinion. But like I say, everyone has their own preferences in style.

    • Maksim: Until 12, I HATED dancing with a passion so there were a lot of moments. I wanted to quit because I was young and swimming, playing soccer, being a young boy, and dancing was on the bottom of my list.

    • Maksim: My mom is the reason why my brother are healthy and strong because she dedicated her life to raising us. My dad became a computer programmer in America. After getting to a very high positions in one of the top banks in the U.S. as a computer analyst, he decided to quit because that is not where his passion lies. Although he never danced himself he felt that his dreams to lie in the promotion of ballroom dancing.

    • Maksim: I don't believe in weaknesses. Everyone concentrates on different things. I believe that when you are on the dance floor, it is too late to think about what you do. Presentation is a huge part of dancing, therefore interaction with the audience is crucial, in my opinion. But like I say, everyone has their own preferences in style.

    • Maksim: It was quite difficult to adjust to America. The hardest thing was the language barrier and it was hard for me to see my brother Val speaking the language fluently within half a year, meanwhile I still did not understand a thing. There were certainly other challenges, but language was the greatest.

    • Maksim: (about him being rumored to have been dating former partner Willa Ford) If a couple truly fell in love during a competition, it would be their downfall. It's just impossible. I fell in love once with my [professional] partner and I said I'll never do it again. The consequence is that you take your personal life onto the dance floor and you take your work home. It doesn't work.

      Maksim was rumored to be dating partner, Willa Ford, but those rumors were put to rest when Ford got engaged to longtime boyfriend Mike Modano. As far as public knowledge, Maksim is still single.

    • (After seeing Tia attempt a dance for the first time)
      Maksim:'s not disgusting.