Malcolm David Kelley

Malcolm David Kelley


5/12/1992, Bellflower, CA

Birth Name

Malcolm David Kelley



Also Known As

Malcolm Kelley, Malcolm, MDK, Malcom David Kelley, Malcom David Kelly
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The entertainment industry isn't new to young Malcolm David Kelley he has been working in show business since the age of five. His motion picture credits include roles in Antwone Fisher, opposite Denzel Washington, and You Got Served. On television he guest starred in the series Judging Amy,more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Malcolm's favorite sports are basketball and soccer.

    • Malcolm was adopted by the Kelleys and two moths after that, they adopted his sister Sydney.

    • In 2006, Malcolm won the Young Artist Award for Best Performance In A TV Drama. He won it for his role as Walt on "Lost".

    • Malcolm was nominated for a NAMIC Award in the category of Best Dramatic Performance, for his role in the show "Knights Of The South Bronx".

    • Malcolm's favorite scene from Lost is at the end of Season 1 which is the episode when the raft is floating away.

    • Malcolm's favorite TV show is MTV's Punk'd.

    • Malcolm appeared in a recent Snoop Dogg music video.

    • Malcolm has always wanted to act with Chris Tucker in a movie or show.

    • Malcolm likes Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B and Jazz music.

    • In Hawaii, while filming Lost, Malcolm hangs out with Harold Perrineau, who plays Michael in Lost and his wife and daughter.

    • When Malcolm was younger he had a Dalmatian called Tricky but she died.

    • In an interview Malcolm said that he would love to be a monster in the show Lost and turn evil. This turned into a huge rumor about how he might become one of the 'others' in Lost.

    • While filming Season 1 of Lost, Malcolm had a bit of a 'rough time' when he got bored of hanging out with all of the adults in Hawaii. He is the only child in Lost apart from baby Aaron and he didn't have any friends to hang out with.

    • Malcolm was noticed in the movie Antwone Fisher and was noticed by the people who were finding cast for Lost and this is why he was chosen to act as Walt.

    • Malcolm has been in the movies 'You Got Served' in 2004 and 'Fisher' in 2002.

    • Malcolm's first TV appearance was in 1998 in the show 'For Your Love.'

    • Malcolm's leadership as the class Treasurer earned him the role of Student Ambassador with People to People Student Ambassadors, with whom he traveled to the United Kingdom last July to represent the United States.

    • Malcolm's favorite Basketball team is the Lakers.

    • Malcolm is adopted and spent the first 11 months of his life in foster care before being adopted by the loving Kelleys.

    • Malcolm's mother's name is Patricia Kelley, his fathers name is Gary Kelley and his sister's name is Sydney Kelley. His parents were very supporting when he was young and put him into Drama classes at the young age of 5, which is why he is currently an actor.

    • Malcolm wasn't in Season 2 of Lost to give him some time to concentrate on his school work and also to follow the storyline. The producers told him that he is back for season 3.

    • Malcolm needed a tutor for his schoolwork.

    • Malcolm will attend Mayfair Middle School which is in California in the Bellflower Unified School District. It is a public school.

    • Malcolm is in commercials for Kool Aid, Kohl's, Cap'n Crunch, and Burger King.

  • Quotes

    • Malcolm: (Talking about his character in Lost) Walt doesn't know what to do because he was taken by the others and he's scared.

    • Malcolm: (Talking about filming the raft scenes in Lost) The waves were just incredible and rocking the boat and stuff like that.

    • Malcolm: (Talking about his character in Knights of the South Bronx) My character's a class clown and he gets picked on a little bit after school by some bullies and stuff like that.

    • Malcolm: (Talking about what the future holds) I am going to keep on going, look out for more of Malcolm David Kelley!

  • Great Mature actor!

    What a great actor! I am just speechless! I just watched "Lost" and I am so proud to be the editor for Malcolm David Kelly! He is such a great and talented child actor, I have never seen a child actor compel an audience with such magnitude of maturity and just raw talent! There are just so many different places to start with Malcolm and so much to write! He is such a great actor that when you don't see enough of him you just want more and more! You cant help to feel whatever he is feeling withing the emotion he is portraying within that character on "Lost." Malcolm David Kelly is a powerhouse and is not just a child actor, he is a mature actor waiting to go on the big screen, and to tell you what, I would love to see him there as well, actually I cant wait to see him there! Keep up the great work Malcolm! cant wait to see more of you on season three of "Lost."moreless
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    For a kid who was 11 or 12 when he started on Lost, he was just fabulous. He has everything that was needed to portraie his character.