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  • The Award

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 14 - 2/26/14

    For his twenty years of service, Mike is getting an award from the quarry during a dinner in his honor but Frankie only finds out about it from a local blog. Sue tries to devise a plan that gets student's more connected. Axl does his best to track down the unknown girl who left a message on his phone. Hand-me-downs consisting of a purple suit and a bolo tie have Brick believing he looks very sophisticated.

  • The Carpool

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 12 - 1/22/14

    Parents have been asked to form carpools when the school bus drivers go on strike. Since Frankie isn't really great at keeping to a time schedule, her carpool kids face the prospect of getting tardy slips. Axl decides to hit the books in Astronomy so he can tutor a hot student. When Mike goes looking for someone to go with him to the IU basketball game, he is totally unaware that Sue really want to go with him.

  • Valentine's Day IV

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 15 - 2/13/13

    As Valentine's Day nears, killjoys Axl, Sean and Darrin offer their services to help guys who want to break up with their girlfriends. Mike's romantic text to Frankie erroneously gets sent to a co-worker. Brick has a problem with Frankie's handling of his school artwork collection. Sue gets a surprise when ex-boyfriend Matt invites her to the school's Valentine's Day dance.

  • The Hose

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 5 - 10/17/12

    Rita's back and when her hose goes missing, she sets her sights on Frankie. Sue's first official road trip as mascot is coming up, but when she sneaks a look at Mike's paycheck, she reconsiders. Brick's sex education is covered at school, but Axl decides to supplement it with some graphic details.

  • The Last Walt

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 20 - 4/18/12

    Claire tries to console Luke after a friend of his dies, Cameron's father comes to visit and gets into a spat with Jay, Haley tricks Gloria into letting her throw a party in her house, and after feeling like he's neglected his middle child, Phil attempts to bond with Alex.moreless
  • Get Your Business Done

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 20 - 4/11/12

    Frankie is inspired by the pastor's sermon at the new church the family is attending. She decides to make it her mission that every family member completes their life's destiny before they die. As Mike, Sue, Brick and Axl come up with ideas as to their destiny, Frankie has a hard time figuring out what exactly she should be doing.

  • Year of the Hecks

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 12 - 1/4/12

    Frankie assigns each family member's New Year's resolutions anonymously, while dangling a prize as motivation, but it only results in pandemonium.

  • A Christmas Gift

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 11 - 12/7/11

    Mike has a hard time keeping the new dishwasher he got Frankie for Christmas a secret when she insists on buying one before her Christmas Eve party. Sue asks for Reverend Tim Tom's help when Brick questions what he reads in the Bible. While working on a Christmas tree lot, Axl becomes annoyed by Bob's attempts at being "cool" so they can be friends.

  • Royal Wedding

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 20 - 4/20/11

    Frankie gets swept up in the excitement of the upcoming royal wedding. Meanwhile, Mike has to make a few cutbacks at the quarry, and Brick helps Sue with her audition for the school news team.moreless
  • Face Off

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 15 - 3/28/11

    Martinez and Sterling are forced to negotiate with Sophia she gives a graphic demonstration of her group's technology. Meanwhile, Sean and Vicky travel to France to seek out Dempsey.
  • Super Sunday

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 13 - 1/19/11

    With the Super Bowl upcoming, Brick studies the rules of football, while Mr. Ehlert asks Frankie to go with him to a managerial seminar. Brad asks Sue to partner with him for a square dancing competition.moreless
  • Course Correction

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 18 - 5/6/10

    Simon turns to a reluctant Mark for help finding his missing sister Annabelle. Meanwhile, Demetri and Agent Banks join forces in the hunt for a killer but learn that escaping a flashforward destiny may not be as easy as they thought. Nicole learns where Bryce's flashforward love Keiko is to be found, but is reluctant to tell him given her own feelings. And the FBI finally learn who Suspect Zero is.moreless
  • Big Time Bad Boy

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 1/29/10

    In order to boost the appeal of the band, an executive decides to add a self-proclaimed bad boy to the group. However, will this go over well with the other four members?
  • The Interview

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 13 - 1/13/10

    Mike begins searching for a new job when the quarry is shut down for scientific research because of the discovery of a dinosaur bone. He soon feels like a dinosaur himself when he realizes the drastic changes in technology that he can't seem to keep up with. Meanwhile, Frankie helps Brick in his quest to be elected school historian.moreless
  • The Impertence of Communicationizing

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 8 - 1/12/10

    Veridian sends out a memo to the employees about inappropriate behavior, but a typo demands that they now use offensive language. Ted tries to convince Veronica to resolve the issue, but it comes a little too late as the insults are already underway. When she realizes the power of a memo typo, Veronica wonders if her promotion memo was intended for W. Palmer. Meanwhile, Linda tells Ted to loosen up, and Lem helps Phil to insult people.moreless
  • A Bone To Pick

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 11 - 1/3/10

    The family finds about what Kitty's been hiding about her lymphoma and pursue a new treatment. A private investigator brings out secrets Robert's been hiding. Kitty's old loveletters bring shock to the family and Ryan makes a move to leave his anger behind.moreless
  • Siblings

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 12/2/09

    Frankie encounters three perfect siblings and vows to make her children stop fighting and become a loving family. Meanwhile, Aunt Edie makes a costly mistake at the quarry, and Mike considers firing her.moreless
  • Seeing Red

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 25 - 5/18/09

    Horatio struggles to save Yelina's life. Calleigh tries to warn Eric about helping his father. When he does it anyway Eric finds his own life in danger.
  • Das Booty Call

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 5 - 10/31/08

    Just as Molly begins to question whether Zach can provide her with what she wants out of a relationship, Lou shows back up at her door.
  • Parricide

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 8 - 10/21/08

    When his plan goes awry, Shane races against time to tie up any loose ends that will lead to trouble for him. Vic confronts a priest who might be harboring drug dealers. Dutch and Billings are close to finding two attempted cop killers, and Corrine learns some things about Vic.

  • Business or Pleasure

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 2/27/08

    Business and pleasure become intertwined when a good-looking anchor from a rival network asks Kelly out and Chuck fears that this may be a ploy to remove Kelly from WURG. Meanwhile, Marsh experiments with new sign-off lines and Gary has to cover an animal costume convention.moreless
  • Revelations

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 15 - 2/7/07

    In this conclusion of a special two-part episode, finding the serial killer becomes critical to the BAU when the team realizes Reid is being held captive and a live feed of him being tortured is shown on the internet. Meanwhile, Reid's troubled childhood is revealed in flashback sequences as he drifts in and out of consciousness.moreless
  • The Line

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 4/22/05

    Against good advice, Kibre goes full out to re-try a convicted multiple murderer who is released due to falsified evidence. As her fragile case continues to dissolve, Kibre hopes for a break from a witness or forensic evidence and in the process alienates partner Gaffney when she ponders contorting ethical rules if necessary.moreless