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  • Malese is great! She should have her own show!

    Malese is a fantastic young actress who plays the role of Geena Fabiano on \"Unfabulous\" very well. She obviously works very hard to perfect her role and her acting is never bland. I think she deserves her own show as I think she often does a better job than some of the other cast members. She never fails to impress me with her talent and her witty humuor she displays on the show. When I first saw her on \"The Brothers Garcia\" I thought she would just disapear as her acting seemed dull but I was wrong, Malese has really proved herself. Well done Malese! Great job!
  • Well since i dont know much about acting,i\\\'d say Malese Jow is avereage.

    Malese Jow plays the role of Geena on teenick\\\'s Lizzie McGuire type sitcom \\\"Unfabulous\\\".I think she is really preety and her chracter is funny,witty,and interesting.I kind of wished She was the main character of the show becuas ethe whole blonde insecure Lizzie McGuire type leading character is getting a little old.But since her characters have no real insecurites whatsoever,and leading characters have to,they would probuley never make a character like hers a leading one.And what really annoys me though is that Malese isn\\\'t getting much credit for her work becuase she isnt\\\'t the \\\"Star\\\" of the show.I really hope that some day actors and actresses who play supporting characters will get as much credit for thier work as the \\\"stars\\\" of the show or movie.I also hope that they will get roles in feature films as much as the \\\"stars\\\" do.
  • I really think Malese rocks and she is a good actress.

    I think Malese is a good actress just like her co-star Emma Roberts as Addie Singer.Malese and Emma make a good team and she is a good actress.I saw on the tv that she said she could sing and that is totally true because in one of the Unfabulous episodes she was singing with Emma Roberts(Addie) and she sounded great and she probably sings in real life but I don`t know if she can or can`t.I know Emma can.In conclusion rock on Malese.You rock.