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Mamie Gummer

Mamie Gummer


8/3/1983, Salisbury, CT

Birth Name

Mary Willa Gummer


  • Mamie Gummer on Emily Owens, M.D. Season 1.
  • Mamie Gummer on Emily Owens, M.D. Season 1.
  • Kelly McCreary, Michael Rady, Justin Har...
  • Mamie Gummer on Off The Map.
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Mamie Gummer graduated in 2005 from Northwestern University, where she majored in Theatre and Communications. One of her first major acting jobs came when she was cast as Sally Adams in the HBO mini-series, John Adams. She guest starred on The Good Wife, before being cast in the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Mamie played the younger version of her mother Meryl Streep in two movies: 1993's House of the Spirits and 2007's Evening. When 7-year-old Mamie appeared in House of the Spirits, she was listed as "Jane Gray" in the credits.

    • Mamie did not read the book Evening prior to filming the 2007 movie of the same name, because the film script portrayed her character much differently than in the book, and Mamie didn't want to confuse herself.

    • Mamie is the daughter of renowned actress Meryl Streep, and they had an opportunity to work together on-screen when they played the same character at different ages in the 2007 film Evening.

  • Quotes

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