Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

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The band started in 1980 with the name of Sombrero Verde. The band begin to sing in English, but eventually changed to Spanish. After two album realeases by that name ("Sombrero Verde" and "A Ritmo de Rock"), the group reorganized as "Mana" and eventually managed to get their…more


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  • Trivia

    • Their album "Amar es Combatir" sold over 200,000 copies in its first week since its release.

    • Their album "Amar es Combatir" is the first Spanish album in all time to reach #4 position in Billboard Charts.

    • Sandra Brennan (All Music Guide) reviewed Mana as the kings of Latin Rock, as they have huge followers throughout Latin America and the U.S.

    • The Italian singer Zuccher has performed two duets with Mana on songs "Eres Mi Religion" and "Baila Morena."

    • Alex Gonzalez has been cataloged and regarded as one of the best rock/pop drummers in the world.

    • Members: Fher Olvera (Lead Vocalist) - Alex González (Drums) - Sergio Vallín (Guitar) - Juan Diego (Bass).

    • Mana is a Biblical reference to "mannah" for Isrealites that means heaven. It also means "supernatural force" in Polynesia.

    • Mana's style of music varies from hard rock to mellow pop, with influences from calypso and reggae.

    • Albums:
      Maná (1987), Faltar Amor (1990), ¿Dónde Jugarán Los Niños? (1992), Maná en Vivo (1994), Cuando Los Angeles Lloran (1995), Sueños Líquidos (1997), Maná MTV Unplugged (1999), Todo Maná (2001), Grandes Maná (2001), Revolución de Amor (2002), Escenciales: Luna, Sol y Eclipse (2004), Amar es Combatir (2006).

  • Quotes

  • Good group, one of my favorites!

    I have hear Mana for quite a while, and I think that they are really talented and really popular among the world, I hear in a recent program that they have manage good in a Billboard chart, but still I think that this group is one of the best groups I have ever seen, I practically love their albums "Revolucion de Amor" where there come good songs such as "Angel de Amor" or "Eres Mi Religion" which are my favorites... I really like them...moreless