Mancow Muller

Mancow Muller


6/21/1966, Kansas City, Missouri

Birth Name

Erich Matthew Muller



Also Known As

Mancow Mueller
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Erich Matthew Muller was born on June 21, 1966 to salesman John Muller and homemaker Dawn Muller. His background is made up of German, Italian, and Apache heritage. Mancow received a degree in Theater in 1900 from Central Missouri State University before starting his career in radio at…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Since July 18, 2006, Mancow's Morning Madhouse show is syndicated by Talk Radio Enterprises-FM, Inc., a division of Talk Radio Network. Talk show hosts, such as Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, and Jerry Doyle, are part of the Talk Radio Network.

    • Mancow is the author of the book Dad, Dames, Demons, and a Dwarf that is about his memoirs of his personal and professional career.

    • Billboards introducing Chicago of the Mancow's Morning Madhouse radio show featured Mancow pointing a gun at a cow's head over the slogan "Listen or the Cow Gets It!"

    • The La Scarola, an Italian restaurant in Chicago that Mancow is a regular at, has a dish named Pollo alla Mancow on its lunch menu.

    • Mancow won Billboard magazine's Radio Personality of the Year three years in a row in 1995, 1996, and 1997.

    • Mancow was fired from his job at KYLD-FM, not for the stunt that tied up traffic on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge during rush hour, but for using the derogatory word for buttocks.

    • Mancow made headlines when he vilified Howard Dean on Fox News Channel's Fox and Friends on December 6, 2005. He used words to describe Dean with such words as "vile", "bloodthirsty", "evil" and retaliated to Dean's opinions on the War in Iraq, calling Dean a traitor that "ought to be kicked out of America" and "tried for treason".

    • Mancow started high school at Blue Ridge Christian School in Kansas City, Missouri before moving to Harrisonville, Missouri and graduating from Harrisonville High School with a C- average.

    • Growing up as a child, Mancow modeled for Lee Jeans and Wal-Mart.

    • Mancow has appeared in more than 100 professional plays, including a record-setting, pre-Broadway production of On Golden Pond.

  • Quotes

    • Mancow: I am so sick of Hillary, you know, and now she's a wolf in sheep's clothing tryin' to act like she's movin' to the center. She isn't. I am so sick of these people cheering every time one of our guys dies. These people are ghoulish. They want our soldiers to die because it, it helps them. It helps their approval rating. These people are evil.

    • Mancow: Mark Rich made illegal deals with Iran, Iraq, Russia and China, nope, no impact on the health and welfare of the American people there. Clinton pardoned terrorists, criminals, traitors and cocaine dealers, but "blinder-wearing Barbra"(Barbra Streisand) refuses to see.

  • This guy is nuts!

    Unfortunately I can no longer hear Mancow's Morning Madness show because the lackeys in Albany, GA decided to not only yank the show from the only alternative radio station in the area, but change the format to the wimpy-gay old rock bull-crap! My only hope is that someone with a pair of nads will put up the money to not only bring to this area a alternative radio station, but also brings back Mancow to our area! The bad thing about living in this area of the country is that alternative rock is not represented here, and neither are the shows that fit the format. I think it is wrong and I hope it gets better.moreless