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Mandana Jones


2/26/1967, London

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Mandana Jones


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A London-based actress, Mandana is the youngest of three children of a Welsh father and an Iranian mother, though she has only visited Iran once in her life. Her father, a construction worker, tried to influence Mandana into the business after her elder brothers declined the trade. However,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2007, Mandana appeared in a Direct Line advert.

    • In 2006 Mandana appeared on television in a BBC drama, Random Quest.

    • Now that she is nearing forty, Mandana admits that finding quality acting work is often difficult at the best of times.

    • Mandana describes having her son as "like a prison sentence"; life-changing, relentless, and no time for sleep.

    • In a 2006 interview, Mandana claimed she will not rule-out the possibility of a reprisal of her role on Bad Girls if the script is right.

    • Mandana was invited to star on children's program SM:TV LIVE, but declined the offer as she didn't feel that Bad Girls was a good model show for young children.

    • Mandana first met fellow Bad Girls actress Simone Lahbib at an audition for ITV's London Bridge. They became friendly, and three years later, were acting as lovers in Bad Girls.

    • As an actress, Mandana is prepared for both the emotionally and physically challenging. She often arrives home covered in bruises.

    • Mandana has been a bit of a bad girl herself in the past. At age 15 she was caught shoplifting make-up, taken to a police cell and given a caution.

    • Originally, Mandana auditioned for the role of Wing Governor Helen Stewart on ITV's Bad Girls. However, she was offered the part of inmate Nikki Wade, who has an affair with Helen.

    • Mandana gave birth to a baby boy on the 27th October 2005.

    • Mandana currently resides in Spain.

    • Mandana is an interesting mix of Iranian and Welsh.

    • Mandana defied her father, by becoming an actress rather than entering the construction business.

  • Quotes

    • The actress who played the lover of Mandana's character Nikki Wade in 'Bad Girls' mentioned Mandana in a 2007 interview
      Simone Lahbib: Mandana's incredibly bright and has a lot of heart. She always works from truth.

    • Discussing playing an influential lesbian t.v. figure
      Mandana: You're just an imposter to some extent, trying to play it as real as possible, but never sure if you're pulling the rabbit out of the hat or not...I did feel a sense of "I've got to get this right, and if I don't then all I'll do is reinforce all the same prejudices." I felt very keenly that sense. So, for me, I always returned to just playing a love story. It just doesn't matter. The gender is irrelevant. If you get caught up in the fact that it's gay, you're putting it in a ghetto.
      I find it offensive — you don't talk about the straight couple. You don't talk about the white family. You don't talk about that. You don't use that prefix. So let's just try and get rid of it, let's just drop it. She's militant, she's gay, she's out — I couldn't come to it that way. I could only come to it from my truth, which is: It's love, it's universal.

    • Explaining why 'Bad Girls' was an educational experience for her
      Mandana: We did some prison visits, and I'd never been inside or around prisons before then. Prior to that, I hadn't really been forced to look left or right, but just at what was straight ahead of me. I found prison is all about what doesn't work in our society, and so actually what they show us is what is wrong with our society.

    • Discussing her time on 'Bad Girls' playing lesbian character Nikki Wade
      Mandana: Playing Nikki has certainly changed me and the way that I am with women in real life. If you play a story-line where you fall in love with a woman, not just because they're fanciable but because they are top people, you're exploring an area that you don't normally delve into. I have really loved the environment of working with all these women - I've ended up thinking women are bloody great!

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  • this woman is one of the best actress in the world !

    this woman has got to be the one of the best actress in the world what a great part played in bad girls ! sp yeh she has got to be the best if only she was actually gay ! lol ..... simone lahbib is brilliant to !

    i mean helen stewart when i say simone !