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  • Mandisa is a very talented singer.

    Mandisa Hundley (known under her first name, Mandisa) is a very talented singer. She was a great vocalist who left the show "American Idol" far too early. She wanted to win the competition to show that even "big girls" (in her words) can win. One of her finest weeks on "American Idol" was when she sang the song "I'm Every Woman" by Chaka Khan. She nailed the song which advanced her into the top 12 easily. She had many similar weeks where she belted out a song perfectly. She went home on country week singing "Any Man of Mine". She should have gone further. Mandisa is one of the best idols ever.

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  • Magnificent

    Mandisa was such a great talent on American idol and I am still baffled why she got the boot so early. I think she was booted because a lot of people liked her but she wasn't their favorite... causing her to be eliminated... she was only peoples 2nd favorite but the thing is everyone loved her... everyone just had someone else to vote for. She is really talented and she also does gospel music. Her voice is enchanting and she is also very beautiful. America screwed up when they did not vote for her. She deserves a huge career right now.

    Mandisa was probably the greatest American Idol preformer this season. She had amazing vocal talents and is really pretty. America made a huge mistake by cutting her out after ONE bad preformance. She never was in the bottom three until Country Music Night. (Of course, everybody was goo-goo-ga-ga over Katharine McPhee). I think it sucks how America prefer looks over talent to choose their next American Idol. I mean, look at Ruben Studdard. He was not skinny, but, the man could sing and yet, he won American Idol 2. Looks dont make the American Idol. Anyways, Mandisa, I love you and I hope to hear something from you in the near future.
  • Good bye...

    I can't believe that Mandisa is now out of American Idol. She was the best, I mean THE best ever! I cried, but now I'm fine! Mandisa, you are an awesome star! Surely the best contest on American Idol so far! Keep on track! You will be very happy! ;)
  • miss her already

    it came as a shock to me she was eliminated so early, she is a great singer, and will have a great career, I liked her voice her style her confidence, I have no idea what happened or why she was voted off, but it is a shame look forard to what I know will be a great future
  • Mandisa I'm for the sister, before the Mister. You are awesome.

    Mandisa, Talented, Beautiful, Genuine, Sweet and by far the strongest voice in the competition.
    She left way to soon and makes me feel the competition is fixed, because I feel they were just waiting for you to have a shaky night to give you the axe. Thier loss. Americas loss, and if you tell me it was America then I guess I got a problem with Americas vote. You and Elliott my personal favorites Hope someone recognizes you and gives you a contract. You will succeed I have no doubts but Idol would have been more exciting if you had stayed on, because quite frankly other than a few performances this years idol has been pretty boring, considering the talent on there.