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    • Mandy: (On her long time dream of being in Les Miz) In college, Les Miz closed and I went to one of my acting teachers and said, 'I don't know if I want to do this anymore. Les Miz closed!' And he kind of laughed at me. I said, 'No, I'm serious!'

    • Mandy: (On being nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award) Oh, I was thrilled. I, never in a million years dreamed that this would happen. I woke up this morning; it was my big day off today. I slept in. I woke up and thought, "oh, The View is on, they're doing the nominations. I should watch and see who gets nominated." So, I turned it on just to see who got nominated this year, and lo and behold, they said my name and I freaked out!

    • Mandy: I came to New York to audition with a musical theater showcase and landed a soap opera.

    • Mandy: I started in theater when I was six years old. My family got me started in the theater because I was extremely shy. They put me in a class to help me get out of my shell. I don't know if it backfired, but it definitely worked!

    • Mandy: There's nothing that lights up my life like seeing hundreds and thousands of bright-eyed teenagers looking back at you for support and strength.

    • Mandy: The people that I work with are absolutely incredible. Not only are they all unbelievably talented, but they're all a bunch of comedians. Going to work every day is a new adventure.

    • Mandy: (After landing the role of "Eponine" in the Broadway production of Les Miserables) I have to keep pinching myself because I can't believe it's really happening. The theater is what I love, and this is what I've always wanted to do. It's amazing, and I feel so blessed.

    • Mandy: I think that people in soap operas deserve so much more credit than I had given them in the beginning. They are incredible! It's incredible to me that we do an episode a day where your primetime shows do an episode a week. It's so fast paced. It takes such discipline as a person to be able to pull it off.

    • Mandy: I love Debbie Gibson! She was my Britney Spears. I had her posters all over my room and listened to her records over and over and over again.

    • Mandy: (After the cast of "Guiding Light" traveled to Biloxi, MS) There's nothing that could have prepared me for that experience. The flip side to all of the wonder and joy that came out of it personally is the emptiness and the sickness of what is still left to be done.