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  • Mandy Moore is the Best.

    Mandy Moore, is pretty and talented, she is a singer and an actress, Staring in many movies including, License to Wed, Because I Said So, Racing Stripes, Chasing Liberty. She play the the bad girl in princess diaries which she was great. And of course what i believe is her best movie is A walk to Remember, She was excellent, and was the first time i noticed her and feel in love with her style of acting. Her singling career is also picking up with her new song I could break your heart anyday of the week, which she performed great on Ellen, loved her facial expressions.
  • Mandy Moore rocks!!!

    OMG I love Mandy Moore! I mean, she is sooo cool! Seriously, she's an awesome singer and an awesome actress. I've seen her in a few movies, and she is good! Like sweet_jane, my favorite Mandy Moore role is Jamie in "A Walk to Remember." I loved that movie! I even have it on VHS. I also love how much her music has matured. She started out as the 15-year-old pop singer, and now, she's more pop-rock and acoustic. She's really grown with her music. I love her voice! In a lot of her songs, she sounds like Michelle Branch, which is really cool. Mandy Moore is so awesome! I wish I could meet her. She rocks like a sweater!
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    She got my attention because she had an angelic voice, she kept my attention because she is so much more. She is one of todays great actresses. She takes movies that challenge. I love the fact that she doesn't always take an easy role. She also donesn't take a movie just because it's a garenteed block buster. She had the biggest impression on me in an indie film called saved! as the love to be hated Hillary Faye, her dynamic preformance in making you want to see her pay but help her up when she falls is absolutely amazing.
  • Amazing!

    I have loved Mandy Moore for a while now. She is a wonderful singer and an amazing actress. I saw her as Lana in The Princess Diaries. I was amazed at how a sweet girl can play someone so snobby! She is a great actress! I also saw her in How to Deal. The movie wasn't my favourite, but that doesn't mean I didn't like her acting in it. Once again, she blew me away! My absolute favourite movie with Mandy Moore was A Walk to Remember, and I can relate very well to that movie. Mandy played Jamie, a girl who suffers from Cancer. I know how she's feeling. I have Cancer too, and it's very scary for me. Her love for God is so much like mine. She and I have a lot of the same religious beliefs.

    Mandy Moore is a beautiful person, and she shows us that we can all be beautiful by just being ourselves.
  • Mandy Moore is the real deal, she doesn't have to expose herself to land roles in movies. She's underrated at times, and for the record... she's my #1 favorite.

    Mandy Moore came out about the same time as Christina and Britney. When the fans saw she was another blonde beauty, they were expecting her to follow her peers... that's where they're wrong. Mandy has come a long way since then, and still holds on to her personal values. As a singer and actress, I have to admit that she's #1 in my book. Mandy's attitude and dedication to her music and acting is priceless, this is something more actresses need to follow. Any more it seems the typical female actress/singer has to show skin and raunchy looks to get the fan base. I find that going about things the wrong way. They say that sex sells, and as much as it makes me cringe... I have to agree.

    Mandy has released several albums over the years, sure the first couple were cheesy... but c'mon she was a teenager! Now that she's in her early 20s, the star has released some amazing music. She recorded an album of all cover songs from artists that she found amazing, and have a lot of her fans hooked. She's been in plenty of films too, including the hit "A Walk To Remember"... one of the most amazing films EVER! Mandy will be releasing her new album, "Wild Hope" in June... giving her fans a CD to crank up this summer.

    I've been a fan of Mandy Moore since the start, and I'll continue to be a fan. With her personal values, and her limits on doing things in movies... it's no wonder why I have so much love and respect for her. Women like her are hard to find today, they either start out sweet and turn bad or just follow what's hot. That, in my opinion is going about things the wrong way.
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    I have got to admit that I think Mandy Moore is really a talented actress. She's even more talented as an actress than as a singer. I'm glad that she gave that course up. While she seems to play the same character in all her roles, she pulls them off with ease.
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    I think that Mandy Moore is one of the best actresses ever, she focuses more on the romantic comedies style, but she is still very cool. I like her music and I like hery style very much. I think that she is very, very cool! And I think that she is one of the best romantic (somehow) comedies or just romantic movies ever!
  • She is just a very wonderful, beautiful, and gorgeous lady. I love you Mandy Moore.

    She is perfect in her music career, her movies for the most part are great, and she is just has the cuddly feely type of girl attached to her. I love her face, and everything about her. Even her mole is completely hot. She has the most wonderful, and I cannot help but love her smile. Thank the Lord she dumped that guy. Yeah!! I am unjealous now.
  • Amazing

    Mandy Moore was one of my idols. She isn't like some other singers and actresses that like to show off their body parts all the time. She sets an example for children. She's a very talented singer and actress. I have all of her CDs. She did great in Saved, A Walk To Remember, and Chasing Liberty. I think she is someone children should look up to. I think she is awesome.
  • As of my previous time, she was very poular. Not too much anymore though.

    As of my previous time, she was very poular. Not too much anymore though. So Real is a cool name for an album. She wants to perform on Broadway. I LOVE Broadway! I wonder if she would prefer Thoroughly Modern Millie or Hello Dolly? Maybe Cats or Oh! Calcutta! Her voice sounds ok for Broadway. I have an article on her and she said she was a klutzy dork. NO WAY Jose! She was also discovered at a FedEx station singing. That's how she got here today and previously. She isn't too poular right now. Hopefully we will see more of Miss Mandy Moore!
  • Mandy Moore ur awesome!!

    I think that Mandy is talented and also pretty. I hope to see her on more movies and shows maybe even cds because I have not seen her so much. She should have a show or something to help her hop back in the media. That way we can see her more often. So Mandy, keep it up!
  • A treasure!

    I honestly can't believe that Mandy Moore isn't a bigger star. This woman is amazingly beautiful and has the voice of an angel, and seems to have more of a future in movies than music which is fine with me because as far as I'm concerned she is absolutely captivating and steals each and every scene she is in. Plus while she comes off as an absolute sweetheart, and has certainly played like roles in movies like Chasing Liberty, she has also shown her ability to play more villainous roles like the ones she had in Saved! and The Princess Diaries. I always get the feeling that people don't take her seriously as either a singer or an actress, and I think that's unfortunate. It boggles the mind that talent-free "singers" like Britney Spears and the Simpson sisters have dominated the limelight for years, yet Mandy Moore seems to be more of a footnote. I really hope that sooner or later people understand what a treasure she truly is.

    I wish I could give her more than just a 10.
  • Mandy Moore - America's truest sweetheart - girl next door we all wish acctually lived next door :)

    Unlike her musical rivals, Britney Spears or that other blonde Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore never enjoyed the popularity or CD sales like these other women did. To those who have beed following Mandy's career, know that her talents don't certainly end there. Her movies, although not mainstream sucesses, protray and resonate her acting skills as above average with abilities to produce very real, full of emotion characters. What we have seen so far is only but a glimpse of things to come I am sure. At this point in time she cannot be compared any longer to her more popular, but not so great rivals.
    Part of what makes her so great is her down to earth personality, the type that seems to be absent in many of today's pop stars. That makes her a gem among the stars to use a cliche. The kind of girl that every guy would be proud to bring home to parents.
  • Great Actress and Person in general.

    Mandy Moore is a great entertainer. Mandy Moore can sing and act unlike others who cannot even do both unfortunately. Sure, shes been in a few flops (How To Deal and Chasing Liberty) but she didnt have much to work with in those films mainly Chasing Liberty even though i liked How To Deal. Her performance in Princess Diaries was too small to judge and A Walk To Remember was very memorable, especially for her first lead role. Her singing career was alright, i wasnt really a fan but i did listen to her music until I saw her movies and then got interested in her more adult album 'Coverage' which remakes old classic songs of her choice. Her performance in Saved! should change people\'s opinions of her, she truly can act despite that negative comment which must be re-thought after that reviewer watches Saved! She is also very modest, humble and sophisicated, a quality not very much shown in this industry where pressure is on you to look a certain way. She's got a great future ahead for her, i wish her all the luck even though she does not need it.
  • Boooo

    She is so unworthy of having ANY roles in ANY movies or shows. She is a pretty good singer and in A walk to remember she was good, and in princess diaries, ehh she was okay but chasing liberty: I hated it!!!!!
    She needs to pick one singing or acting!! Mandy Moore proves the saying that all singers cant be actors!
  • She's pretty cool!

    I like her! She can act and sing! She was one of my favorites when she first came out, and now she moving to acting. Most clebs can't pull it it off, but Mandy can do it all! I think she make it bigger than a lot of those stars. She's a great role model, and she's very pretty!
  • Mandy Moore Review

    Mandy Moore is a real talented singer and actress. She has an amazing voice that just pulls you in and doesnt want to let you go. I don't think that she should die her hair because of Britney and Jessica Simpson because she is just as good as them. When watching Mandy on the big screen she really plays her part you really think shes that character. I don't think you will be seeing the last of Mandy Moore for a while. Keep on going!