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    • If Mandy could be any type of animal she would be an owl because she thinks they're beautiful and she loves that they date back to ancient mythology.

    • Mandy's favorite actress she has worked with is Diane Keaton because, according to Mandy, she is amazing to work with, self-deprecating and inspiring.

    • Mandy would describe herself in three words as being sensitive, charismatic, and outgoing.

    • The first song Mandy ever performed was Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler. She sang it on a karaoke machine in her room when she was 10.

    • Mandy's Awards & Nominations:
      2002 (N) - Film - Choice Actress - Drama/Action Adventure, Teen Choice Award, for A Walk to Remember.
      2002 (W) - Breakthrough Female Performance, MTV Movie Award, for A Walk to Remember.
      2002 (W) - Superstar of Tomorrow - Female, Young Hollywood Award
      2002 (W) - Choice Chemistry, Teen Choice Award, for A Walk to Remember.
      2003 (W) - Choice Crossover Artist (Music/Acting), Teen Choice Award
      2003 (W) - Unstoppable Vision, Young Hollywood Award
      2004 (N) - Choice Movie Actress - Drama/Action Adventure, Teen Choice Award, for Chasing Liberty.
      2004 (N) - Choice Movie Hissy Fit, Teen Choice Award, for Saved!.
      2004 (N) - Choice Movie Sleazebag, Teen Choice Award, for Saved!.

    • Mandy is in love with the thrill of roller coasters. If she could create her own roller coaster she would call it "The Vomiter" because it would have so many twists, turns, and loops that you would be sick when you get off.

    • In her first film, A Walk to Remember, there was one scene where Mandy's character was humiliated in the school cafeteria, in front of everyone, and Shane West's character came to her rescue. While participating in an audio commentary for the DVD, Mandy talked about this scene and acknowledged that it really put her in a strange mental state. From there, it became more than just simple acting, because Mandy herself grew so invested in the scene and the character that she found herself in an almost depressed frame of mind. "It was so odd," Mandy said.

    • In high school, Mandy chose to promote her first major film A Walk to Remember instead of attending her senior prom. However, in 2007, she and her band performed at Alabama's Enterprise High School prom, where she performed songs from her upcoming CD Wild Hope. "It felt like my prom, too," Mandy said of the experience.

    • Mandy has admitted that she is embarrassed by her early albums, which she feels were not as high-quality as they could have been. At one point, she even started offering refunds to people who bought her very first CD, and she only wishes that she could do that for everyone who paid for her early albums. She realizes now that she does not want to sing other people's songs; she wants to be unique and do her own thing.

    • Although Mandy has received a lot of positive feedback for her acting--arguably more than her music career, which made her famous in the first place--Mandy has said that singing is her "first love." That is her main passion, and to her, that comes before acting, even if starring in movies has been viewed as a more "successful" part of her.

    • She was a spokesperson for the School and Youth Programs of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

    • She is the second cousin of singer Pink.

    • Mandy was signed with Epic Records from 1999-2004, but she was dropped due to bad sales from her Coverage album.
      She was signed with Sire Records from 2005-early 2006.
      In July 2006 she signed with EMI's The Firm.
      Her album Amanda Leigh was released on Storefront Recordings in May 2009.

    • She has expressed her thoughts on revealing clothing and how she feels she doesn't have to display her midriff like such peers as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. However, she displayed her midriff in a two-piece bathing suit for the May 2001 cover of YM.

    • Mandy has two teacup Yorkshire Terriers and three tabby cats. She also has a dog named after singer Joni Mitchell.

    • Her best friend is Lauren Mayhew.

    • Mandy is 5'10" (1.78m), and her natural hair color is blonde.
      She often makes fun of her size 10 feet.
      Mandy has a tattoo of a heart on one of her toes.

    • Mandy's Discography:
      Studio albums:
      1999 So Real
      2000 I Wanna Be With You
      2001 Mandy Moore
      2003 Coverage
      2007 Wild Hope
      2009 Amanda Leigh

      2004 The Best Of Mandy Moore (Songs from albums 1-4)
      2005 Candy (Never before released singles from album 1-4 and A Walk to Remember soundtrack)
      2007 Super Hits (Songs from albums 1-4)

    • Mandy's List Appearances:
      2001 - #25, Maxim's 'Hot 100'
      2002 - #22, Maxim's 'Hot 100'
      2002 - #67, Stuff's '102 Sexiest Women in the World'
      2002 - #97, AskMen's 'Top 99 Most Desirable Women'
      2003 - #63, AskMen's 'Top 99 Most Desirable Women'
      2004 - #73, Maxim's 'Hot 100'
      2005 - #40, AskMen's 'Top 99 Most Desirable Women'
      2006 - #28, Maxim's 'Hot 100'
      2006 - #58, AskMen's 'Top 99 Most Desirable Women'
      2007 - #48, Maxim's 'Hot 100'
      2007 - #53, AskMen's 'Top 99 Most Desirable Women'
      2008 - #69, FHM's '100 Sexiest Women in the World'
      2008 - #75, Maxim's 'Hot 100'
      2009 - #51, AIM's '100 Hottest Brunettes'
      2009 - #20, AIM's '100 Celebs Under 25'

    • One of Mandy's biggest dreams is to perform on Broadway.

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  • Quotes

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    • Mandy: (On the toughest thing she's ever had to deal with) Growing up in the public eye was really tough. When you're 14 and your body is changing, your life is changing, and people are watching every step you make, it's really hard to deal with. But I was pretty lucky, people didn't watch me that closely. But for someone like Britney Spears, who did have her whole life scrutinized, it must have been terrible.

    • Mandy: (On waiting for the right acting role) It has to be right. I've had the opportunity to play the drug dealer who gets gang-raped, and I'm like, "For what reason? Doing it just to do it? To just show people that I can be sexy or dark?" I don't want to do something just to make that point. It needs to happen organically, and I'm really confident it will. I'm a pretty patient person, and I'll wait until we find the right stuff.

    • Mandy: (talking about her "Wild Hope" album) It's somewhat of a foreign concept for me to care so much about a record, I really haven't had the personal involvement on anything in the past, not like I do with this one.

    • Mandy: As an actor, you have substantial control with the films you take on: If you never want to do an action movie, you don't have to. If you don't want to do nudity, you don't have to. It's case-by-case, project-by-project. For me all this went hand-in-hand with my music. I can't go off and do a movie with Diane Keaton, Mia Farrow, Billy Crudup or Tom Wilkinson and then come back to a record where I, as a creative matter, am absent.

    • Mandy: I'm a bit of a germ freak. I carry antibacterial and alcohol swabs with me when I travel. I don't think it's a weird germophobia thing, but when you are shaking people's hands, meeting lots of different people all the time, I don't want to get sick. It's as simple as that.

    • Mandy: I've probably been drunk, maybe, four times in my entire life. Honestly. I guess I'm a bit of a lightweight. I have a better time enjoying one glass of wine and just being relaxed. It's a bit of a control thing - I don't like not being in control of my words. I like to go to bed at 10pm, or 10.30pm, because I like to wake up at 7am. Maybe for some people drinking and drugs work for them, but I'm not a tortured artist. I wouldn't turn to some sort of substance to make me feel better, I'd turn to writing.

    • Mandy: What I look for in a guy is a really good sense of humour, obviously honesty and he had to be into music. Not necessarily a musician, but someone who has a deep passion and appreciation for music. Because music is such a huge part in my heart, nothing makes me happier than being able to share that with someone.

    • Mandy: (about her current body, and the pressure in Hollywood to be thin) I felt pressured once in a movie, but there's no way to escape it, whether you're in the spotlight or not. Sometimes I don't feel so great about myself, but I think that's pretty natural for most women. I like representing this, rather than the other extreme. I feel like the other extreme is represented enough. I'm totally happy where I am.

    • Mandy: I'm not Nicole Richie. I'm not like a toothpick, and I never will be. I'm just a regular looking person and that's okay. It's taken awhile to come to grips with that since it's definitely not the norm in my business. But like, who cares? If anything, that makes someone more special. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

    • Mandy: (in January 2007) A few months ago I felt really low, really sad. Depressed for no reason. I'm a very positive person, and I've always been glass-half-full. So it was like someone flipped a switch in me. The break-up (with Scrubs star Zach Braff) added to what I was going through, but it's not the complete reason. It definitely doesn't help if you're already in that place.

    • Mandy: (On the directors she'd like to work with) Alexander Payne is really amazing and I love all of his films. I think it would be fun to work with him. Wes Anderson as well. There are a lot of people out there that I would flip out to work with.

    • Mandy: I don't feel like I have constant media attention. It feels like a grey area to me because, and I know Chris agrees with this, I love what I get to do and I feel really lucky because I know how competitive it is out there and I feel lucky that I keep getting opportunities to work with really brilliant people, actors or filmmakers, etc. But it's about the work and I try not to be outside of myself too much. I think it can help you if you are aware of that kind of side of "celebrity" and fame, but I try not to think about it at all too much, it's such a weird concept being kept in a box and isolated and separated from everybody else. It's so weird.

    • Mandy: When people come up to me and say, 'You made it,' I think, 'But I'm not done yet. Not everyone's heard my music.' I want to be a household name.

    • Mandy: I'm not an advocate for having sex or not having sex. It's a personal decision. Whenever you feel ready, you're ready.

    • Mandy: I'm a spiritual person and a religious person. But for me, it's all a personal thing. I'm not someone who'll say, 'This is what I believe, and you should too!' It's more of an internal, quiet, grounded, fulfilling thing for me.