Mandy Musgrave

Mandy Musgrave


9/19/1986, Orlando, Florida

Birth Name

Amanda Marie Musgrave



Also Known As

Mandy,, Mandy Moo
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Mandy Musgrave was born on September 19, 1986 in Orlando, Florida. She has a nearly identical twin sister who is studying to be an architect and still lives in Florida. She also has an older sister who is a graduate student at a Florida university who is working…more


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    • Mandy: Bills are so much easier than the drama in high school. Like when I showed up to prom and someone else was wearing my dress, oh hell no.

    • Mandy: Acting like something you're not is something that everybody does - but to do it for a living and get paid for it is a great thing. What's a better way to make money?

    • Mandy: Mistakes are just lessons and we need to learn those lessons to become adults. I think it's hard for adults to watch us do that.

    • Mandy: When we first started, we had a bunch of angry Christians and other highly religious people because they think that we're going to be turning America gay. I mean, you can't turn someone gay! We're just trying to show people what's going on in everyday life. There are way more teen suicides among gay teenagers than among straight kids and that's terrible. People should be able to come out and say "this is who I am".

    • Mandy: And it was so funny because I swear I had a bald spot by the end of the day because you kept ripping my hair out.

    • Mandy: Uh! Paula Carlin, you slut!

    • Mandy: I'm always cleaning, on set, doing little things here and there. When I was younger, I wanted to be two things: one was an actress, and one was a maid. I love the acting thing. I love to clean. I also wanted to go into journalism. [Also] I love to write poetry. I write at least one or two poems a day. I love to paint. You can never find that perfect piece that you want, so why not paint it yourself? I love to sing and dance. I was a Latin dancer growing up. I love all' of that.

    • Mandy: I would like to see more happen with the racial community. There's so much of that going on. I'd like to see a lot more going on with that. I would love to see Spencer and Ashley actually separate to see how their lives change without one another, to see how they try and maintain their friendship. I would like to see more from the parents, especially Paula, Spencer's mom. That's a typical thing going on with lesbians and gays, and the parents. The religious values, they don't approve of what's going on. I wish that we could bring more of an awareness. Today, it causes teens to go to the suicidal point, when they don't have their families and their lives anymore.

    • Mandy: The quality I like about her least is (Ashley Davies') tolerance level. She has no tolerance level for anything. She doesn't seem very forgiving. I myself am very forgiving. She makes so many mistakes by this season. I wish that Ashley could open up more, it's not that hard to do, but she's gone through a lot. I admire how strong she is, how focused she is. She doesn't follow what everybody else is doing. She is rich, but she doesn't flaunt it. I admire that so much about Ashley.

    • Mandy: There is just such a TRUE connection on set. I know that many shows have drama and may dislike certain cast members, but not on our set. EVERYONE loves EVERYONE.

    • Mandy: Well my older sister was basically like our real mother growing up. If my twin sister and I ever fought, she would lock us in a room to fight it out.

    • Mandy: Like... keep your STD's to yourself!

    • Mandy: (about season two) Compared to the first season, I can actually watch myself and be proud of it, and the characters are much more developed. They all kind of do their own thing, and you get to see that there isn't just a good side to everyone, or a bad side. Like with Madison, you get to see a softer side. You get to see a tougher and more vulnerable side of Ashley. I like that.

  • Mandy Musgrave is so hot and beautiful. She's a great actor on all the shows shes been on, especially south of nowhere.

    the first time i saw south of nowhere mandy immediately caught my eye. she is definitely the prettiest girl on south of nowhere. i love her curly hair and i think it makes her look like an angel. acting is working great for her right now, but if she ever wants to change, she should definitely become a model. words just cant describe her beauty. son is da best