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  • A huge fan that needs help

    PLEASE READ if everyone could give a 1.00 up to 5.00 it will add up and it would be a huge blessing 8tjs
  • i just love him

    good play in his role.very smart guy
  • Mandy Patinkin role in Jason Gideon awakened an interest in the show. I miss the character. Will he ever come back? Mr. Patinkin, hope much success continues to go your way and you consider returning to TV.


    Mandy Patinkin roleas Jason Gideon awakened an interest in me to theshow. I enjoyed how this character analyzed and profiled the cases. The character was "down to earth". I miss Mandy Patinkin's performance in the show. Will he ever come back?Mr. Patinkin,hope much success continues to go your way and you consider returning to TV acting.

  • Possibly one of the most talented performers currently working in showbusiness today.

    Mandy Patinkin has been entertaining audiences for many years with his film and television acting and also his magnificent singing voice.

    Audiences know him from a variety of roles including the film version of "Alien Nation" and, of course, one of his most popular, his work in "The Princess Bride". He was also a huge hit as the multi-skilled Dr. Geiger in the long-running television series, "Chicago Hope" and, more recently for that of FBI Profiler, Jason Gideon in "Criminal Minds" in which he starred with former "Chicago Hope" cast member, Thomas Gibson.

    Mandy is very well known on the musical circuit as well and he does concerts as often as his acting committments allow. In 2011 he will star opposite Claire Danes in the new series "Homeland" which is sure to be a hit.

    A very skilled man whom we hope will delight us for a long time to come.
  • Would love to see Gidion return...I loved the way Mr. Patinkin brought such life into this character, and the way he could profile the scenes of the cases was soo believable...

    I was watching "Criminal Minds" thinking Mr. Patinkin's character looked sooo familiar...Finally, I figured it out...The movie classic The Princess Bride. I couldn't forget the voice or face...Anyway, I really miss the character of Gidion on this show and hope he eventually will return...He is amazing at making you feel drawn into the character he portrays...It seems to me Gidion also was grooming Prof. Reed's character like a father figure/mentor...Therefore, showing a softer side of Gidion...Great actor...The cast members for this show are what makes the show so wonderful...Each actor/actress brings these characters alive in a special way....I look forward to watching every episode...Even the reruns...
  • Pivotal character, strong drama, does well in comedy, they type of actor all others should try to be.

    A great member of the team, an even better leader, he plays the ultimate father role, even when he's not the focus of an episode he commands the views attention. His greatest and most controversial character was that of a "Reaper" on the acclaimed cable show Dead Like Me, a great show with a very large following, canceled not b/c of poor ratings, but b/c the new CEO of the Showtime had an ego problem, and wanted to try and create a network of his own doing, so far he has failed. Mandy has been has wonderful timing in comedy roles and is a treat to watch as he works his craft with an almost effortless ability.
  • he is cool, im trying to find teen angel, 7 up commercial that ne did, my father wants to see it so badly, but im having trouble finging it!! if u ever find it plese tell me!

    mandy pitkin what can i say about him! he is the coolest, funnyest, and one of the best actors! no he is the best actor ever, i mean he can act sing dance he is so cool!! my dad says every one wants to be like him. back when my dad was a kid he says he was an idol, he was and is my dad also says he will always be teen angel, "TEEN ANGEL" will never be forgotten he is a legend, god bless him i know he will be the best for ever and ever . you rock dude!
  • This guy - wow! Is there anything he can't do??

    Mandy Patinkin - he's old school, baby! The man can sing, dance, & act! With so much talent, I'm pleased to say he hails not from NYC, but from the Midwest - Chicago! I first noticed him on Chicago Hope, & I was blown away by this egocentric, eccentric character. And I wondered, who IS this guy?? After enjoying some of his singing on CH, I wondered if he'd ever recorded - yes, he had! I found one of his albums in the library, checked it out, & was simply blown away! Then I noticed he was the alien cop in Alien Nation... then I saw him on Sesame Street... holy cow! He was in The Princess Bride! And impressive in everything he did - this actor has got it going on! I've currently enjoyed him on Criminal Minds, & I watch for anything else he might be in. Because to tell you the truth, Mandy Patinkin never disappoints - the guy always gives 110%!
  • Great versatile actor!

    Mandy in my opinion is a great actor! he seems to be ale to adapt to any role he is given! my fave role he has played is Jason Gideon in Criminal Minds!

    He can play any role, and play it to his best and his best is awesome! he can make the viewer relate to his emotions in a character, in Criminal Minds he puts his all in the role of Gideon, he plays funny parts, serious and emotional parts perfectly, specially his facial expressions, he gets them down to a T and makes you feel like Gideon is actually a real person. I cannot wait for Criminal Minds season 3, as i loved 1 & 2, and am looking forward to what Gideon and the team are up against!

    Great actor, and a very talented one indeed!
  • A truely uniquely talented artist.

    I first found Mandy Patinkin when he was Jeffrey Geiger in Chicago Hope and instantly fell in love with him. He has a presence which lights up the screen and the most expressive face I have ever seen.

    I loved his portrayal of Geiger, the raw emotions that he brought to the troubled character were inspiring. Watching him break down so often and so emotively made for great viewing. And you know what, pants really do make that funny noise! We also got the opportunity to hear Mandy sing, and what a treat that is.

    I will always most identify Mandy with the role of Jason Gideon. It was being a fan of Mandys' that helped me find this fantastic show. Oncew again we get to see Patinkin showcase an impressive ability to show the full range of emotions.

    I hope one day to get the chance to go to one of his concerts, to see this talented man at work must be a thing to behold.
  • I know everyone thinks of him as great... but I don't

    Yeah, I have heard everyone say he is kinda an ass as an actor, but a really great one. I have never liked him. I didn't like him on Chicago Hope, I am probably one of the few people that thought it was 20 times better when he wasn't on it (because everyone thinks it went downhill after he left), and I don't mind his character on Criminal Minds that much... I mean, he is at least normal on CM, although he is my least favorite profiler.
    It may just be the roles I have seen him in, so I really don't know. But he is just not that impressive to me.
  • I've only known him in Dead Like Me and Criminal Minds.. but he will always be Rube Sofer to me.. :)

    I'd have to say that Mandy Patinkin is one of the most underrated stars out there. He is a phenominal actor and not a bad singer too.

    He really stood out in Dead Like Me, playing the paternal character of the bunch. I was devistated when the show was cancelled but it's too late to petition for it to come back. Mandy has a new show that is excellent, and he shows the same talent as he did in the other show. This guy should win at the Golden Globes. Truely an underrated star in my own words, but needs to have a bigger role in the near future though.
  • Mandy is a true lead character actor. He can draw one in with just a look.

    Mandy brings a compassion to this series which is greatly needed with the content. He draws from his vast acting career to show various believable emotions which pull the viewer into the story. His interaction with various characters on the show, put him in a precarious leadership/nuturing position. I don't know of many actors that could come away from the demands of this character and really play it as well as he does. His ability to look directly into the camera and show devastation, anguish, concern, and relief is amazing. For one who has lived through more than one hurdle. He brings his life experiences to the surface in his acting abilities. Which we as an audience, are lucky enough to share.
  • "Mandy Patinkin", television star, movie actor, stage and so much more. We love you!

    Mandy Patinkin is AWESOME not only as \"Gideon\" on \"Criminal Minds\" each week, but he is a very talented actor in movies as well as television. I loved his work for a long time, on stage, in movies and now starring each week on television. Is it possible that on the September 21st season premiere of \"CM\", that he not only portrayed his character but also that of the unsub? Too many familiarities of Mandy was seen in the character of the unsub;also did it not remind you of a resemblance to his role in \"Alien Nation\"? Either way, we love Mandy, keep up the extraordinary awesome work!!!
  • I love Mandy Patinkin!!

    I first discovered Mandy Patinkin in the movie The Princess Bride, as Inigo Montoya, who I thought was absolutely hilarious! But when I saw he was in Criminal Minds, I couldn't wait to see if he lived up to the standards he had previously set, and sure enough, he did.

    Jason Gideon is my favorite character on Criminal Minds. I think the show would be nothing without him. I don't know if I would bother with it anymore, ha ha, joke.

    Mandy Patinkin is going to be, although he already is, a legend. His shows and movies will be classics!
  • He's the full deal and can do it all--comedy, drama, the look, and that voice!

    My favorite actor is back!! Loved Mandy Patinkin in \"The Princess Bride\" and \"Chicago Hope.\" CH was never the same after he left. I was bummed when \"Dead Like Me\" was cancelled, it was a great quirky show! I was really happy to see him back in a series this fall, he\'s a tremendous actor; love his comedic spots, but the dramatic; oh WOW! Oozing talent; ok, so he makes my heart go pitter patter!!
  • Extremely wonderful actor. Does well with any role.

    Mandy Patinkin is a really gifted performer. He has played a number of roles (although I will admit there are a lot I have not seen). I never would have figured it out on my own that the person who played the role of Inigo Montoya in the movie "The Princess Bride" now plays Special Agent Jason Gideon on "Criminal Minds". It is very remarkable how wonderful an actor Mandy truly is. I hope to be able to find more of what he has had a role in sometime in the near future. I hope he keeps acting for as long as his heart is in it. You can tell the ones whose talent comes from their heart also, because the love of what they do shows in their work.
  • Very talented indeed!

    I have really loved Mandy since he was in the movie the Princess Bride and has a talented voice IMO
    Very talented and can do it all for being the jack
    Of all trades! From broadway, comedy to drama as I love him in the new show Criminal Minds which I hope will be on forever!!
  • Love him on Criminal Minds, loved him more in Princess Bride.

    This guy is one of the most talented actors out there. He plays Gideon perfectly on Criminal Minds, but the one character that makes me love him is Inigo Montoya in Princess Bride. One of my favorite lines is his: "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die."
  • Mandy Patinkin is often overlooked and unfortunately forgotten; he's truely a man of talent and skill.

    Mandy Patinkin foremost, is an amazing actor. He has the skill that allows him to communicate and connect with his audience. Although, in Dead Like Me, he also played the older "mentor" type role. But, that's what is so incredible about him. Every time I watched Dead Like Me and now, Criminal Minds, I sit there thinking, "I wish I had a friend like that, to keep me in line." There's a very, 'Guy next door' appearance to Mandy.
    Mandy is an AMAZING singer!! I have 3 of his CD's and I love each one of them. If CBS is smart, then we'll get to hear him sing as Agent Gideon. (hint, hint)
    Unlike many actors, Mandy Patinkin is known for being very down to earth, especially with his audience at concerts. He also does a lot of charity work and is involved in Pro-Israel associations. Mandy Patinkin, is by far, one of the few actors who have the ability to appeal to all audiences, of all ages, all sexes, all races, and of all locations.