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  • Mr. Everything

    He's got it all!
  • True man!

    CAPUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA shall i begin?

    Such beastly aura and yet very friendly and passionate guy. Womans dream.
  • Big now : gonna be huge !

    This guy rocks!
    Such a range of roles and energies.
    Not to be merely defined for his dynamic male yang in his acting work, where, for example, he re-defined the fight scenes in Xena,playing Marc Antony - this man's talents range right through to his little seen sensitive yin that expresses itself in his original music, vocals and dextrous piano playing.
    Versatility has a new name, and it's name is Manu.
    Keenly aware of the depth of his Maori heritage and most certainly moulded from powerful life experiences, his Strasberg training will ensure that he is potently unleashed upon the planet.
    His libran scales are balancing in a great way across his wide spectrum of abilities..look out world..

    Manu : big now : gonna be huge!