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    Once again I was blown away from this guy's performance. I just saw Manu Tupou guest starring as the Chief in an episode of the A-Team. The Episode was called The Crystal SKull. I don't know what to say except he did it again. A fact about this man is that he is going to steal the scene no matter what. I've seen him in small roles in movies with big actors and he always steals the scene. For instance, when he played a pawn broker in the movie Payback, he stole the scene from Mel Gibson. It was a tiny role and unfortunately his last. He was in his late 60's in that movie. It is really unfortunate he passed away four years after that. He never got the credit he deserved. He studied with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro at the actor's studio for 15 years with Lee Strasberg not mention all the other greats. But he never got the roles or props in his day that they did. I personally think he is a much better actor than both of those guys put together. They just do their usual boiler plate performances like always but Manu was fresh and unique every time. He never recycled a performance. The racist limitations in Hollywood is so sad. Because the people who it hurts are us. The fans, the movie goers, and the TV lovers. There are so many performances we'll never see because some idiot executive can't see this role played by a polynesian or that role played by a latino or this role played by an asian. It's stupid. The biggest mistake warner bros ever made was not having Bruce Lee in the tv show kung fu and putting david carradine in his place. Bruce Lee and David Carradine are not even in the same galaxy as an actor or a martial artsist. Times have changed somewhat. I've seen many performance with Manu Tupou and they are all spectacular. Particularly as he got older. He was always good but definitely got better with age. But even when his was alive they wouldn't let a polynesian man play any role. In fact, the only roles he got were indian chiefs, island chiefs or some sort of Jungle man. That shows you what they think of them-Savages. That's hollywood for you- run by a bunch incompetent morons. I have an idea why doesn't hollywood hire people who are trained, skilled and talented at what they are doing. Instead of hiring their nephew who knows absolutely nothing and care nothing about the audience. That's the problem nowadays. People make movies for themselves not the audience.moreless