Marc-Anthony Massiah

Marc-Anthony Massiah


11/25/1975, Montreal Quebec, Canada

Birth Name

Marc Anthony Massiah



Also Known As

Massiah, Wally
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Born a month early to Maybelene and Maurice Massiah. His mother is a former teacher and father former pop 80's singer who cut one album.

Marc-Anthony had no interest in acting and was more focused on his dancing. Was even offered a chance to tour with pop…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Funny thing...

    Funny thing about this guy is he first started out as a Hip Hop dancer I've seen him a do a few shows in our home town of Montreal. He was really good at that, then we lost track of him and the next thing we find out is he's now and actor out in Vancouver. Ive seen some of his stage work and he has a great presence and to see him move to the small screen is cool. Its funny to see him on Smallville because anyone who knows him knows that he is and avid fan of "The Flash" from DC comics, and the guy who plays Lex also does the voice of The Flash in a cartoon. We hope to see more of Marc-Anthony in the future wish him the best of luck.moreless