Marc Anthony





9/16/1969 , New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name

Marco Antonio Muniz




Even as a child, Marc Anthony already had a "stage" which was his kitchen table. As a child, he sang about a Puerto Rican tropical bird, and his family enjoyed. Born as Marco Antonio Muniz after a famous Latin singer, he switched his name so people wouldn't be confused. At age 12, he was singing for a high school with Little Louie Vega. He than sang for a Puerto Rican group known as the "Latin Rascals". He was so good his manager suggest him to sing in Spanish, but he refused. Then one day while driving his car, he heard a song on the radio performed by Juan Gabriel, "Hasta Que Te Conoci" (Until I Met You). He liked it so much that he asked his manager if he could record that song in salsa. "It turned my world upside-down" Marc says at his site. In 1990, Anthony made his first album, "Otra Nota" (Another Note) and it became his first album. During the making of the album his manager said "Pretend your singing your songs to your family" and soon after it was complete he ran out the production room. He then became famous. In 1994, Anthony produce the best album ever, "Todo A Su Tiempo" (All To His Time). In 1997, he made his third album "Contra La Corriente" (Against The Current) and the album won "Best Salsa/Tropical Of The Year". Anthony was very happy to be one of the best salsa singers, however there was one problem, Anthony sooned realized that he was only legend in the Spanish world. That's why in 1999, he produce the self-titled album "Marc Anthony" which became a platinum hit. Two years later, Anthony made the famous salsa album "Libre" (Free). One of his songs "Celos" was the best well known "Grammy Nominee of 2002". One year after that, he made his second English Latin Pop album, "Mended". In 2004, he released his first Spanish-only Latin Pop album, "Amar Sin Mentiras (To Love Without Lies) and a salsa version album, "Valio La Pena (Value The Pain). He limits aren't only music, he has been also famous as an actor for many movies. He also sang for theme songs and soundtracks in particular movies. One of them was "You Sang To Me" from "Runaway Bride". His movie appearances include "Man On Fire", "Bringing Out The Dead" and "The Substitute". Anthony is one of the best known Puerto Rican celebrities ever. Anthony is also the best known for many awards and nominees. Anthony's popularity continues to this day. In 2005, his "Amar Sin Mentiras" won a Billboard 2005 Star Award.