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  • Great actor.

    Underated. Great. Handsome.
  • Marc Blucas is underated, underappreciated actor.

    Marc Blucas is an underated, and underappreciated actor. All of the characters he plays have all of these traits, humble, understated, kind, determined, loyal, but also wouldn’t hesitate to punch someone out if they weren’t nice. He has very kind eyes, and a nice body, and looks like he would be a good guy to hang out with. I think one day, Marc will finally be appreciated for his efforts in a movie, and it will be recognized at the Academy Awards.
  • Unappreciated

    Many fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer really didn't take a fancy to his character of Riley. But his down home charm and down to earth skill really seemed like not only part of his character but part of his true persona. The character was not sensitive but brought a lot to the series and transitioned onto it effortlessly, from my point of view.
  • I saw Marc in First Daughter and have since bought every DVD that I could get that he has been in. I think he is a very versitle actor. He is so handsome with such an innocent face it's hard not to love him.

    Marc has a boyish charm that makes him a perfect male lead. He should have been in 13 Going on 30 as he would have been perfect opposite of Jennifer Garner. Marc deserves to have more leads in movies as he is very talented. I loved him in Buffy and thought he was a perfect boyfriend. He should have been on the show longer. I can't believe he left and that anybody would not like him. Geez ... It's not like it was his fault he replaced Angel. Buffy needed a new guy! It was a great loss to the show loosing him! When he returned for "closure" though, his wife really didn't fit him and it was kind of lame. He should have just come back to Buffy. She needed him. I loved First Daughter and WOW .. those eyes and that beautiful smile warms the heart! Marc is just a fabulous actor and I sure hope he gets wonderful new roles.
  • Marc Blucas is a HOTTIE!! I loved him in The First Daughter. He is absolutely gorgeous. I wish he would be in more big screen roles. I would be first in line. Continue the good work and good looks Marc you are gorgeous.

    I personally am a chick flick girl through and through and I loved The First Daughter. Katie Holmes was a little on the bad acting side but it was still great. Marc was wonderful. I love Michael Keaton in any movie. I personally loved this movie. Marc Blucas is gorgeous.
  • He is so hot in the moive The First Daughter.

    He did such a great job in that moive does anybody else think that those two look better together than her an d tom Me and my mom think so. anyways what did you all think of that moive I thought it was great I have seen it now 4 times I think I am just a fan of Marc though I am not sure well email me what yall think of him and the moive and I will get back to you does any one else think Marc is hot hot or just cute did yall know he is dateing Gilmore Girls person
  • Marc Blucas,arguably best known for playing Riley Finn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer but keep your eyes open... he actually crops up in a lot.

    Buffy fans were harsh to his character. It was buffys second love and no, they werent right for each other but riley was good for her at the time... the relationship worked and it was something that was marc blucas was able to portray in an often heart breaking manner. this guy has talent i mean, i see all these other guys with their own show and i think 'pants' theyre rubbish... if tom welling could carry a show then, i think you get the jist. keep your eyes open. ps. this guy is hot!!! like really, i think its is arms, you just want them around you... aww, drooling now.
  • He is so good looking in that First Daughter movie

    i saw his movie First Daughter and i find him cool rather cute, thinkin i sw this guy somewhere and then i searched the web and he was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and that explains every thing. I wish they could give him more movies and give his talents a shot.
  • he is really cute and i agree with all of the people who think so

    i love marc blucas i wish they wouldnt have taken him off of buffy i cryed when i heard about that
    anyone who has his e mail or home address please e mail me at i really want to talk to him and i havemnt been able to please tell em
  • great actor

    i know he is not one of the most known actors on Buffy the vampire slayer but i loved in the role of Riley Finn, his character was a normal person who was with a special task force who took on Demons and other evil scum. I thought he and Buffy were a great couple.
    i saw him in a movie which i cant remember the name of (maybe Eddie)and he played basketball in this movie and he acted great and his basketball skills are super and i read somewhere he played basketball in college and he played one year in Europe for the Manchester Giants.

  • My least favorite star on Buffy, but he is still pretty good actor.

    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn was my least favorite character on Buffy, but that does not change the fact that he is a good actor.

    Marc was on the movie Pleasentville, and the Mtv show Undressed, that even though was on Mtv had nothing to do with Music but that is on another rant, and he was the secret service/boy friend of "Batman's" Daughter Katie Holmes on First Daughter...Batman was not a character I just always will associate Batman with Michael Keaton, or Adam West but that is not relative to this.

    On Buffy Marc played Riley, the Love interest of Buffy in college...UC Sunnydale that only seemed to arrived when they needed to go to college, which really annoyed me, but I digress. Riley was not just the Psych TA but was also a underground Military Operation know as The Initiative, which trapped vampire and demons and do experiments on them. But me being in the military and not likeing how they depicted it is not why I did not like this character, I will get to that. They all of the sudden Riley had to leave and he gave Buffy an ultimatum, and she the right choice, in my opinion that is. Then he shows back up with a wife and this tairs Buffy up in side, but she should of realized that she is better off without, even though at the time she was doing a horizontal shuffle, with Spike.

    The reason I disslike this character the most is that Riley was the biggest rebound of the show, and he was to perfect of a rebound. She and Angel break it off for good, and then another mysterious guy shows up and he was not a really good character. It was almost like a human version of Angel. But then again I guess Spike was no better in the love life. But Riley had no real function after he left The Initiative. But what can you do.

    The greatist thing I saw in the Riley Saga, was when Riley gets caught in a "Vamipre Suck Me" type Place. And not "Suck Me" in a fellatio type way but more of a masochistic way. Then when he was cought that was so great. The only thing that toped that was when Buffy and Angel got back together for that one day but then it was taken away and nobody remebered exept Angel. Even though it kinda never happend, it is still great.

    I don't really feel on way or another if Marc Blucas does any more acting, I hope he does but I won't care either way.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • What a Hottie!

    Marc Blucas looks so hot in the movie First Daughter! His character James is so hot lol ! I can't believe he lied to Sam in the movie though. Oh well he's hot! Marc Blucas is one of the hottest actors i've ever seen. Stupid Secret Service people. Marc Is Hot. And nobody can disagree!