Marc Cherry





3/23/1962 , Long Beach, California, U.S.

Birth Name




He began his career at Designing Women as Dixie Carter's personal assistant. In 1990 he became a writer and producer for the longrunning hit sitcom, The Golden Girls.

Afterwards he created a short-lived sitcom also centering around four strong, diverse women, The Five Mrs. Buchanans (1994)) and other series such as The Crew (1995) and Some of My Best Friends (2001). In 2004, after tirelessly shopping around another show about the fractured lives of four women, Cherry got his big break when ABC decided to pick it up (HBO, FOX, CBS and NBC all passed on the show). The series, Desperate Housewives, was an immediate ratings smash and generated enormous national (and subsequently, international) debate. Cherry received several lucrative offers from various parties, but chose to sign a long-term deal with Touchstone, since their network had shown faith in Desperate Housewives when no one else would.

Cherry is a self-described "conservative gay Republican." When Jerry Falwell was asked how he felt about that, he suggested Cherry become a Democrat as soon as possible.