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  • Trivia

    • Marc once worked as a personal assistant to Dixie Carter, who played Gloria Hodge on Desperate Housewives.

    • Marc was present at Desperate Housewife's Marcia Cross's wedding.

    • Marc Cherry is known to have a very good singing voice.

    • Has a lovely tenor voice - performed a song ("Beautiful Girls") and dance for journalists when ABC announced its 2005-2006 schedule, which, of course, included the renewal of "Desperate Housewives."

  • Quotes

    • Marc Cherry: It's a satire!

    • Marc Cherry: My hope is it's a universe, and people drift out and sometimes they drift back in again. Just because someone leaves doesn't mean they can't show up in some other way.

    • Marc Cherry: We had a different actress in mind, a white actress, and that deal fell through. Alfre is a little bit older than our gals, but she just has a stunning face.

    • Marc: (on the "Desperate Housewives" cast) I spend, like US$100,000 a week taking nipples out of my show, because I've got a couple of actresses who refuse to war bras!

    • Marc Cherry: (on casting Lucille Soon in "Desperate Housewives") I had seen Lucille Soong in Freaky Friday, and I thought she would be an interesting addition to our world. I was also trying to bring as many ethnic faces as possible. At first I want a white maid, so that the Hispanic couple had a white maid. But we were going over the budget in those first few episodes, and if you cast a person of color, the diversity fund pays for it. So it was also a budgetary decision.

    • Marc Cherry(talking about his tv-show Desperate Housewives):I do not write every word of this, even now, there's just no way. It's one of the most complicated TV shows to write, because there are so many storylines. Trying to make them connect, the plotting of the series alone takes hours and hours and hours. But now that we're so far ahead on the new season, I have time to review script notes on literally every comma, every period. Last year, we were behind from the first episode. They wanted more episodes than we had done the first season, which was impossible. So I was behind right from the start. Literally, after about episode six or seven, we were literally writing episodes after they had begun shooting. And that's never good.

    • Marc Cherry:I got home from the People's Choice Awards and I put my little People's Choice Award on the piano. I was looking at it and suddenly I went, 'One day, I'm going to die.' And it suddenly hit me that for so long I had wanted some kind of critical recognition that once I actually got something, once I actually stood on that island that is success, I discovered there's an island called death that's right past that, and I realized that whatever it is we're getting whatever success, whatever failure, whatever money, whatever showbiz stuff that's hurled at you it's all temporary, we're all leasing it. I realized that ultimately, for my time on this earth, I just want to be a good guy and leave something of value behind. And Desperate Housewives, it looks like, is probably going to be the headline on my tombstone. So I just want to have the best possible time writing it and learn as much as I can.

    • Marc Cherry(talking about casting Marcia Cross as Bree on Desperate Housewives):I wasn't sure about Marcia... She was perfect, (but) I think she was too much like my mother. I think that scared me.I have to say that when we initially got it all worked out and Marcia came aboard, it was like I think the second day of shooting, 'I was like, 'Oh, I'm stupid!'.

    • Marc Cherry:The series is a machine that just keeps eating up whatever creativity I have. I start out thinking that I have enough ideas to take me through the whole season, and then by the sixth episode, the sad surprise is that I've used up things that I thought would take me a whole season to use up. I've started to run out of stuff.

    • Marc Cherry.(talking about the actor who plays Rex on Desperate Housewives):I feel sorry for him(Rex Van De Kamp), because he has done so many horrible things to Bree. He is so reviled across the country. But Steven Culp, fortunately, has had a really good time doing it, and I've always been very appreciative of that.

    • Marc Cherry.(talking about Desperate Housewives): Mike's a good guy, the fact that he's secretive is the only flaw he has, because he's such a tremendous human being. We needed to give him a couple of flaws to make it interesting. His secrets became the character flaws.

    • Marc Cherry(talking about the show Desperate Housewives): I never saw Edie as a big part of the show. I thought Edie was going to be this tiny little recurring part. And when Nicollette Sheridan, an established TV presence, agreed to be a part of the show, the role got much, much bigger. That was a lucky thing to happen.

    • Marc Cherry(talking about the character Gabrielle played for Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives): What's fascinating about Gabrielle's affair, and what we've found in the writting, is that we can make her so selfish. She does these selfish, horrible things, and Eva Longoria is so beautiful and charming, it's amazing what she gets away with. If you're going to have someone doing awaful things, it really helps if they're personally charming.

    • Marc Cherry: You always expect the actors can take the character and run with them a little bit. As a writer you have to follow them along and see what they're doing with it.

    • Marc Cherry(talking about Marcia on the part of Bree on Desperate housewives): Marcia's portrayal of Bree has softened so much over the course of the first season. The character has changed tremendously from when I first started with it.

    • Marc Cherry:I've had the most fun writing Bree because that's the character that's most like my mom. She wanted everything and everyone to be pleasant. Emotion was frowned upon.

    • Marc Cherry(talking about casting Felicity for Desperate Housewives):Felicity came in and wowed us so much that we knew it was her part. Withing fifteen minutes she had the part. We were very lucky there.

    • Marc Cherry: To make sure the audience sympathized with Lynette, I made her kids complete nightmares and her husband always away on business. I wanted to say something about how, as much as we revere those roles of wife and mother, it can be a lonely and exasperating life.

    • Marc Cherry(talking about the character Lynette of Desperate Housewives): I came up with the character first. I wanted to write a career woman who had given up her career so she could raise kids because she wanted to do the right by them, and now she's not happy.

    • Marc Cherry(talking about casting Teri Hatcher for Desperate Housewives): I wrote the part of Susan for Mary-Louise Parker. I was a huge fan of her work on The West Wing. When she turned it down we were able to proced with auditions. We had major names coming in and reading, and a lot of people were good, but one of them really nailed it.

    • Marc Cherry(talking about the tv-show Desperate Housewives): I knew Susan was going to be my anchor character, and I didn't really know my take on her at first. And then it ocurred to me that one of these women should be dirvorced. The others are desperate in their fairy-tale lives and Susan is a single mom with a kid whose first fairy-tale life exploded, and now she wants back in.

    • Marc Cherry: A lot of us who struggled through the lean years, come through the darkness and catch a second wave of success have some insight to share. I think she's calmed down and is at a much more blissful place.

    • Marc Cherry: It's a great opportunity to allow our viewers the chance to be a part of the world of Desperate Housewives.

    • Marc Cherry: Andrew is bringing up all sorts of family secrets, and they want it stopped.

    • Marc Cherry: My dream is to get someone like Carol Burnett on the show.

    • Marc Cherry: Woodard's character is just up to no good on that street.

    • Marc Cherry: I think any time you get four or five really strong women doing desperate, dastardly things ... gay men get a big kick out of it. The moment you put a woman in an evening gown mowing the lawn, it's just gay.

    • Marc Cherry: I have to worry about my health.

    • Marc Cherry: Eva wears size double zero in real life, ... so we do a very funny scene where she'll freak out in a department store when it's suggested she wear a size zero.

    • Marc Cherry: "[Alfre Woodard, who's a new regular, plays a housewife with a dark secret.] Her character was a concert pianist, ... She's going to be involved in something pretty gothic on the show ? pretty dark and spooky.

    • Marc Cherry: [Paul Young (Mark Moses), last seen at the mercy of Mike Delfino (Jamie Denton),] will be gone for a while, ... and then he'll make a surprising return.

    • Marc Cherry: Certain actresses really don't like to wear bras. And we try to accommodate them as much as humanly possible.... So we've done a lot of blurring.

    • Marc Cherry: I was washed up. People just weren't excited by my name... That's one of the reasons I had to write something really smart... That desperation you feel permeating the script is pretty real.