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    • Marc Cherry:I got home from the People's Choice Awards and I put my little People's Choice Award on the piano. I was looking at it and suddenly I went, 'One day, I'm going to die.' And it suddenly hit me that for so long I had wanted some kind of critical recognition that once I actually got something, once I actually stood on that island that is success, I discovered there's an island called death that's right past that, and I realized that whatever it is we're getting whatever success, whatever failure, whatever money, whatever showbiz stuff that's hurled at you it's all temporary, we're all leasing it. I realized that ultimately, for my time on this earth, I just want to be a good guy and leave something of value behind. And Desperate Housewives, it looks like, is probably going to be the headline on my tombstone. So I just want to have the best possible time writing it and learn as much as I can.