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Marc Dube

Marc Dube



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Marc Dube
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Marc Dube is a writer, actor, producer, and does below the line work. Marc has worked on such productions as CSI: Miami, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Invisible Man.


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  • lame

    Blunders in logic and fact make his CSI Miami episodes painful to watch. Most disappointing to date is the recent CSI Miami about street racers and Jet-a fuel. The video illustrates the suspension lift of the murder car repeatedly at 3" but the CSIs call it 13" or more. When a device is found hooked to the murder car the CSIs repeatedly call it a transmitter when it has to be a receiver to effect the car. The car busting through the garage door because Jet-A was in the gas tank was totally lame. Jet-A is kerosene, gasoline powered car engines won't even run on Jet-A. He closes the episode with the totally stupid “You know what they'll pay for these cars in Venezuela? Almost three times the sticker.” If that was true, why steal, just buy them in Miami, sell them in Venezuela. LAME, LAME, LAME stick a fork in it, CSI Miami is done and this kind of sloopy writing is the reason.moreless