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    • Marc Price: (on his options following the close of Family Ties) I could have been the person who runs from it and wants to avoid it and tries to pretend it didn't happen, or I could do what I did, which is embrace it and just enjoy it and use it as a tool to help introduce people to Marc Price.

    • Marc Price: [Family Ties was a] tremendous experience for me. It's almost funny talking about it still because it's been so long, but obviously it's that important in my life.

    • Marc Price: (on his guest, rather than star status) I would literally sit in the director's booth and watch how the show was put together. I had time to watch the process and learn from it ... and I took advantage of that and I really studied.

    • Marc Price: (on his creating a reality series) People complain about all the reality shows, but I look at it as a brave new frontier where anything goes. Where things before were very structured and they were done in a very specific way in the Family Ties days, now there's room for anything" on television.

    • Marc Price: Some people thought maybe I was riding out the comedy boom of the '80s. But when you look at my life and my history ... and you see that it's in my blood -- I'm third generation, my grandfather was in vaudeville -- you realize that it's my destiny.