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    • Marc Singer: I would rather play a hero. I'd rather play someone that embodies the virtues of someone struggling to make a completely good contribution to the world than to play someone who's lost. But, when I do play villains, I do tend to focus on the torment of their soul and the sadness of their plight, rather than just the viciousness and the evil, because those are the easy colors to play.

    • Marc Singer: I can only say that in the original inception of The Beastmaster, it was a very sincere production. I gave it everything I had, and everybody else did also. The relationship I had with the animals was very real. The one thing I made sure of was that the animals were given the characteristics of respect and admiration, and that the Beastmaster was here for them, and not them here for him.

    • Marc Singer: But it's a wonderful thing to get involved in projects like V or The Beastmaster that have a long-term life to them, because the revivals don't seem as though they're a visit to a museum; they seem more as though they are the ongoing development of the life of a story, which is a good thing.

    • Marc Singer: Every actor wants to continue with the characters that he has created.

    • Marc Singer: I was trained in the classics. I find that I have recently put together my own method based on the teachings of a lot of different people. An actor must have an awareness of the form of acting and the soul of artistry.