Marc Summers





11/11/1951 , Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Birth Name

Marc Berkowitz




One of the greatest television personalities among children of the eighties, Marc Summers is best known for hosting the original "Double Dare".

Marc began his career warming up audiences for shows like "Soap", "Star Search", and "Alice". He adopted the stage name 'Summers' because of all the media attention surrounding "Summer of Sam' killer David Berkowitz.

Summers career took a great turn in 1986 when he was hired by Nickolodeon to host "Double Dare". Within two years, "Double Dare" was syndicated and the show's popularity led to more hosting jobs through Nickolodeon and other popular cable networks. After the cancellation of "Double Dare" in 1992, Summers began to co-host "Our Home", a daily talk show aimed at homemakers that aired on Lifetime. After a couple of seasons, Summers left "Our Home" to co-host on another Lifetime talk show, "Biggers & Summers".

While interviewing Dr. Eric Hollander on "Biggers & Summers", Summers realized he may have obsessive compulsive disorder, which seems ironic considering the extremely messy hosting jobs that he was involved in earlier in life.

Summers went public with his condition, after he was diagnosed and treated, and spoke on various television shows.

Throughout the 90's, Summers continued to work on various shows, but many had varying success. Summers returned to Nickelodeon in 2000 as the executive consultant for "Double Dare 2000", an updated version of the original show that made him a star. The new version lasted 2 years.

Recently, he has returned to television on the Food Network, and hosts the reality series "The Next Food Network Star"

Currently, Summers lives in California with his wife Alice and two children.