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  • A cool Voice Actor!

    I think Marc Thompson is a good actor in my opinion. He has voiced several characters from Pokemon like Commander Saturn too! My Favorite character that he voices is Commander Saturn from Pokemon! He did a good job on several voices for characters and i think he has voiced several pokemon too. That must be so cool. When i first saw a character he voiced, i found out he voiced that character and i thought he did a good job on it too! Overall, i think he a great actor and person and deserves a good grade too. But he has also voiced characters for other shows too, besides Pokemon.

    Overall Grade: A
  • Totally one of my fav's!

    I first heard his voice on The Wrong Coast, as Ti Hua Foo. At first I thought he was Gedde Watanabe, but when I read the credits, I saw Marc Thompson's name! I noticed he also did practically every other character on the show! Definitely right up there on my fav's list! :)
  • 1 word: Awesome!

    He does an excellent job for all of his voices. I just think he is one of the best voices. Him playing Duke Devilen and Valon on yu-gi-oh was genius. Giving Valon that accent was also brilliant. He is just amazing. I hope he plays Kaiser Ryo (without the accent) on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX this fall.
  • She have a nice a hot voice

    OMG he did many good voice for example Duke from Yugioh OMG he's voice so perfect for Duke and also VALON! He did a good job foe him! Cause he have to have Britsh acces and that hot!Mostly I like him for the voices for yugioh cause he did a kick ass job for Duke and Valon
  • He get's the job done.

    I would say he does a good job at what he does: Voice acting. One of My favorite voices he did was Don Krieg on one piece. I think he should do this full time, and play more parts in live tv as well as cartoons. So I hope to see more from him.