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British comedian Marc Wootton is best known for his mockumentary characters. His latest show La La Land sees him in three fake roles: spiring actor Gary Garner, documentary filmmaker Brendan Allen and psychic Shirley Ghostman. Previously, Ghostman had his own BBC Three series called High Spirits with Shirley…more


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  • Marc Wootton is not a household name. Yet.Largely due to his genius with such independant characterizations and the format in which they are presented. Marc escapes the public eye, but gems like 'Shirley Ghostman' and 'My New Best Friend' i am sure do notmoreless

    The majority of Marc's various guest appearances in rich comedy jems like 'Nighty Night' , 'French & Saunders', and 'The 11'0'Clock Show' etc give you a benchmark of quality you can rely on!

    'Cyderdelic' - 3 hopeless hippies, joined by their 'electro/stupid beats' band of the same name is both hilarious and cringeworthy simoultaneaously - a bit like sweet and sour. Their outspoken political 'frontman' Su Long, is a hippie with too much people power propelling through his veggie veins. Often landing the trio in trouble and creating a wake of disbeleif, its half enthralling to see what kind of mess they will enter next time, and as i indicated, the other half just says in your mind 'oh i just cant watch...'

    Some particular highlights found in their 'glastonbury' adventure, and equally you will double up at their 'veggie burger bar' understated modern classic for me.

    'My New Best Friend' just goes to compliment Marc incredible talent. This is a show that requires a person to convince their friends and family that Marc (in 6 equally shocking characters over the 6 episodes)is their new best friend. They must go along with anything and everything the 'friend from hell' bestows upon them....In my opinion Marc's very ability to irritate the subject for 48 hours, never leaving character deserves massive recognition and then another lorryfull of the stuff - I urge you to seek this series out and treat yourself.

    'High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman' not only has the magic combination of cringingly funny characters, but serves to remind us just how dense, gullible and unsuspectingly wet the public are! Claiming to channel the spirits of the'celebrity dead' through his spirit guide Sheba (his dads dead dog) its genius from the start to the end. Look out for the contestants of Spirit Academy, the hunt for the nations best new phsycic will leave you in disbelief,but at the same time, absolute respect for Marc's success in playing those involved like a kipper good and propper. Look out for a new show, I am to believe from very reliable sources, entitled 'The Marc Wootton Project' - I have attended a review, feeler session and he just keeps offering fantastic strong, and comedy jem characters that i am sure will propell Marc to the rightfull seat he has deserved for a long time!moreless