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  • Naive but trying to fit in!

    I think that Marcel is really a great and talented chef. But the problem with him is that he is naive. If he weren't so naive, then he may have really showed us what he is capable of. Sure he can be a bit of a jerk and at times, a bit of innocence. All rolled up into one. But give the kid a break. He has been through a lot through that dumb Illan. After nearly cancelling the season by trying to shave Marcel's head and put him in a chokehold. Marcel has a lot of talent and a lot to learn.
  • I happen to think Marcel is very lustful!! He can feed me cherries any day of the week! Yummm ;)

    OK, really someone needs to give Marcel Vigneron a dating show. Honestly, wouldn't that be so entertaining? It would be better than Flav Flav's Flavor of Love or ABC's The Bachelor. Just image the girls on the show attempting to cook a 7-course meal for the chef himself. LOL. Or trying to get Marcel's attention or even cat fighting over him. I would get on that show and I would be the girl who wins him. Ha Ha. He is one hot cookie! I happen to think Marcel is very lustful!! He can feed me cherries any day of the week! Yummm ;)
  • Marcel is a top chef who is underrated, keeps his standards high, has new ideas towards food that could change america and I hope he has his own TV show one day!

    I feel Marcel is very underrated as a one of a kind chef! when you see the way he masters every challenge and dish, you can see why all the other chefs have somthing against him, they simply feel the same way I do...Marcel is a one of a kind top chef, I admire his behavior and the way he presents himself with high class standards and maturity, never lowering himself to the immature standards he has been faced with daily from others who decided just to hate him! I hope one day Marcel will have his own top chef tv show so I can take all his suggestions and ideas and use them toward my cooking at home! I really hope america embraces him as a top chef so the world can see a different approach to food rather than the same traditions that have been played out over and over again!