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    • As a personal friend of season three Top Chef contestant Hung Hyunh, Marcel sat with Hung's family in the studio audience of the live final Judging of season three, and was overjoyed when his friend won.

    • Shortly before Top Chef season 3 began airing Bravo set up a blog for Marcel to give his opinion on the show's newest season along with fellow alumni Harold, Lee Anne, Dave, Sam, and his personal nemesis Ilan.

    • Marcel was the runner up in the second season of Top Chef placing behind Ilan Hall.

    • He is the master cook at Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    • After appearing on Top Chef Marcel was attacked with a bottle by a fan of the show, requiring 30 stitches to the wound just above his eye.

    • He learned to cook at the Culinary Institute of American and was also a sou chef at the Institute's restaurant.

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