Marcia Gay Harden

Marcia Gay Harden


8/14/1959, La Jolla, California, USA

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Gay Harden, Marsha Gay Harden
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Marcia Gay Harden was born August 14, 1959 in La Jolla, California. She is the middle child of five. They moved around a lot when she was growing up because her father was in the military. While living in Greece Marcia enjoyed attending plays in Athens. Marcia attended…more


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    • Marcia: (On her character in movie Pollock) When she was first married, Lee's main concern was pleasing Jackson, she was the kind of woman who hung her hat on another man's peg to find herself, in spite of how brilliant she was in her own right. Their marriage was wonderful, fabulous, and hideous. They fed off each other in ways that weren't always healthy, but, if they hadn't been together, Pollock never would have become world famous and Lee wouldn't have pushed herself to the artistic limits she did. As soon as they split, one of them was bound to destruct".

    • Marcia: Until people get to know me they think I'm a dark, sensuous bitch.

    • Marcia: The only thing that seemed to me I could do in such a way that no one else could was acting. I thought, I can be a doctor, but there's going to be someone else who is just as good or better. I can be a lawyer, which I still sometimes think I would love to be, but I think there's someone who can do it just as good or better. So, being an actor, there will be people who can do it just as good or better, but I'll have my voice, and no one will have my voice.

    • Marcia: (On her Oscar win that no one thought that she would get) Vegas had me at 12-to-1 odds. I sure do wish I had bet on myself and made a little money.