Marco Sanchez





1/9/1970 , Los Angeles

Birth Name




Marco was born January 09, 1970 in Los Angeles and raised in Palm Dersert. In 1988 when he was 18, he attended school at the School of Theater, Film, and Television at UCLA. In 1990 he landed a reoccurring role on Knots Landing. In 1992 Marco graduated with a B.A. in theater. He then landed the role in Gunsmoke: The Long Ride. Then he landed his most well-known role as 'Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz' in Seaquest DSV. Marco had small roles in Married with Childern, Murder, She Wrote and Pacific Blue. Then Marco had a recurring role as 'Detective Carlos Sandoval' on Walker, Texas Ranger. The character worked so well that there was a spin off into his own series called Sons of Thunder. The show filmed six episodes and hoped that CBS would pick it up. Unfortunately CBS didn't pick it up.