Marcus Graham

Marcus Graham


10/11/1963, Perth, Australia

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Marcus Graham is an Australian born actor, probably best known for is role in "Good Guys, Bad Guys" as Elvis Maginnis or on "E-Street, an 80s Australian soap. He left school at the age of 15 and only found out later in life that he suffered from dyslexia.…more


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    • Marcus Graham: (On Hollywood actors approach to theatre) They don't want to rehearse. They want to change the lines to what they would say, not what the playwright had painstakingly structured. They want to wear what they look best in. And they only want to perform when the casting agents are coming - the other times the understudies would do it

    • Marcus Graham: At the STC bar the other night someone said to me, 'What do you do when you're not working? How do you cope?' And I said, 'Well, I have a great life'. We forget that acting is inspired by life. This working endlessly back-to-back is completely over-rated and, frankly, a bit misguided. It's got to come from life, doesn't it?

    • Marcus Graham: (Talking about the play 12 Angry Men) It's an amazing piece to work on. It has such a relentless driving energy to it. Twelve guys in a room kind of going for it. No one drops a ball, it's pretty intense.

    • Marcus Graham: (Talking about the ancient Greek drama, Oedipus) This two and a half thousand year old play seemed in many ways so incredibly contemporary. It's as if we hadn't changed at all.

    • Marcus Graham: (On drama school) I went from being someone with no ambition who wasn't going to amount to much, to someone who was completely focused and ambitious.

    • Marcus Graham: (Talking about suffering dyslexica) I had basically been the kid at the back of the classroom who stared out the window. I was sight reading at drama school and the teacher picked up I was dyslexic.

    • Marcus Graham: (Talking about his role in the 2003 theatre production of 'The Blue Room' Facing your fear is a good thing though because I can assure you, at the beginning of that show there were times when I was hugely embarrassed. What am I doing standing here nude, and people are laughing? It is something to deal with, get over. To get to the point where I could stand there with nothing on and be relaxed was good for me.

    • Marcus Graham: (On working with David Lynch) Only did a day's work with him. But he's just... I'd seen quite a few documentaries on David Lynch and a few interviews and things and I've gotta tell you - He's exactly like that guy. Like, he is that guy.

    • Marcus Graham: (Talking about working on 'Underbelly') Day by day, you get your scripts out that night, get on the set the next day, and it's like, I can't say that, can't say this, can say this, can't say that. OK. Huge challenge and great to work on a piece that has come from the community. That we've lived through in different ways, that we're connected to. A lot of times you get television scripts and you're like, how on earth am I gonna make this real? Whereas at the other end of the stick, with 'Underbelly', you get something, well, OK, this person lived and had hopes and dreams, true hopes and dreams, their family are still alive in the outer community.

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