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Marg Downey

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Marg Downey is an actress that has stared in many Australian comedies and TV shows. These include Fast Forward, New Adventures Of Ocean Girl and Sit Down, Shut Up. Marg has also had a recurring role in the show Kath and Kim as Marion. She has guess stared…more


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  • A great actress that is in great shows.

    Marg Downey is a fantastic actress, one of the Australian greats. Seeing as she has been in some of Australia's best comedies, which gives her a great name in Australian comedy. Even though that I have never watched Fast forward or Sit Down Shut Up, I can only guess that they are great. Most people have never heard of Marg before and I think to myself," you don't Know what you are missing" because she is a fantastic actress. Marg's dreamy appearance helps with her role of Marion, the almost subtlety psychotic personality of the character. The role of Marion on Kath and Kim, I think, has really upped her fan base, people will say, who is that person, she is great? is what people will say.

    Another genuinely fantastic actress to come through the Australian comedy genre!moreless