Marg Helgenberger

Marg Helgenberger


11/16/1958, Fremont, Nebraska

Birth Name

Mary Margaret Helgenberger



Also Known As

Marge Helgenberger
  • Behind the scenes at Marg Helgenberger's...
  • Behind the scenes at Marg Helgenberger's...
  • Behind the scenes at Marg Helgenberger's...
  • Behind the scenes at Marg Helgenberger's...
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Mary Margaret Helgenberger was born on November 16th, 1958 to Kay Snyder and Hugh Helgenberger. She grew up in a farming town in Nebraska along with her older sister named Ann and younger brother Curt. She attended North Bend Central High School, where she played the french horn…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2007, Marg was asked to do a spread for Playboy, but she declined.

    • Marg was #41 on Entertainment Weekly's The EW 100 Stars We Love Right Now in summer 2007.

    • When CSI first started filming, Marg visited the Clark County Coroner's Office (Las Vegas) to see how things were really done. She even viewed autopsies that were being performed.

    • Marg has stated that she was angered at the franchising of CSI.

    • The cast of CSI including Marg was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. They won the award in 2005.

    • Marg has received a total of five Emmy nominations, one of which she won. She was nominated for "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series" in 1990, 1991, and 1992 for her role in China Beach, and won the award in 1990. She was then nominated for "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series" in 2001 and 2003 for her role on CSI.

    • Marg got the chance to act with her then-husband Alan Rosenberg again when he guest starred on the season five episode of CSI, entitled "Weeping Willows".

    • Marg and CSI co-star Jorja Fox (CSI) sang Stand by Me as a duet for What a Pair 4!! This is an annual charity event to raise money for breast cancer research. Marg is a big supporter of breast cancer research, as her mother Kay is a breast cancer survivor.

    • Marg is the sister-in-law of Mark Rosenberg and Paula Weinstein.

    • Marg started as a local news weather girl in her native Nebraska. The news producer felt her name was too long and made her change it to Margi McCarty.

    • Her home once belonged to silent film star William S. Hart.

    • Former CSI co-star Gary Dourdan's nickname for Marg is "Margalicious."

    • Marg's production company "Don't Call Me Marge!" is her humorous jab at people's mispronunciation of her name.

    • Until she went to college, Marg wanted to be a nurse like her mother.

    • As a teenager, one of her first jobs was spending her summers and her Christmas breaks working as a 'boner' at the meat packing plant where her father was employed.

    • She won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Female TV Star in 2005 for her role in CSI.

    • Marg has been nominated for three Golden Globes. She was nominated for "Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV" for her role on China Beach in 1991, and for "Best Performance by an Acress in a Television Series - Drama" for her role on CSI in 2002 and 2003.

    • She is 5'6" (168cm).

    • On the ER episode "Take These Broken Wings", Karen Hines, the character she played, wears a Northwestern University pullover. Northwestern is Marg's alma mater.

    • For one season, Both Marg and her ex-husband Alan Rosenberg had successful series on CBS at the same time. Marg was on CSI (2000–present) while Alan was on The Guardian (2001-2004).

  • Quotes

    • Marg: (on her character being drugged and abducted) I thought that was an interesting idea, to have a criminalist – someone who's always watching her back and always hip to suspicious behavior – have that happen to her.

    • Marg: (on her secret ambition) I've often wondered what it must be like to be a war correspondent. Talk about being in the moment.

    • Marg: (during the introduction to the 2007 SAG awards) Some of my most cherished moments in this business have been conversations that I've had with my fellow actors on the set between takes. These conversations can happen anywhere, sometimes, sitting on a bed, in a skanky fictitious motel room. In fact, that's how I met my husband, president of the Screen Actors Guild. I'm Marg Helgenberger and I'm an actor.

    • Marg: (on what she'll miss when she's done on CSI) I've always liked shooting in Vegas, it's such a character. It's so visually stimulating.

    • Marg: I either play cops or criminals - I'm either on the right side of the law or the wrong side. I gravitate toward edgier material because it suits my nature. I find it fascinating to play. I'm just that kind of person.

    • Marg: (on her hair at the 2001 TVGuide Awards) I had pink hair! I don't know. You know what? That shade was known as 'PMS Pink.' I was totally PMS-ing that day - I was crazy! What did I think, I was gonna get away with pink hair on CSI?

    • Marg: (on fame) We were in Paris this last summer and we were at the Musée d'Orsay, and it just always freaks me out when people stop you and wanna take your picture as opposed to looking at a Van Gogh, or something.

    • Marg: (on her CSI versus the two spin-offs) I always love it when people say [assumes self-important mock voice] 'It's the only one we watch, none of them can compare to you guys, blah blah blah'.

    • Marg: (on filming the squeamish scenes on CSI) I'm relatively squeamish in civilian life. I've been very fortunate not to have to deal with such things in my immediate family. When we're filming autopsy scenes, I actually feel sad. Behind each of these deaths there's usually a back story of unhappiness and loss. We use a guidebook the Las Vegas police put together that's incredibly graphic. Looking at the pictures can make me turn white. If I'm going over the script at home, my husband will ask, 'Are you all right?'

    • Marg: (on wanting romance for her character) I keep telling the producers I'd love to have a relationship. We do a lot of cerebral work on the show playing opposite a swab or a computer screen. I'd much rather play opposite someone like Gary Dourdan - he's not bad at all! It would be great because it would give my character the opportunity to show a few more colors - her passionate side, or intimate side or vulnerable side.

    • Marg: (on a street being named after her in her home town of North Bend, Indiana) They wanted to honor me by naming a street after me, Helgenberger Avenue. It was on the corner that I grew up. I was able to tour the home in which I grew up. It was right across the street from the public swimming pool where I was a lifeguard swim instructor.

    • Marg: (on whether Gil and Catherine will ever get together) I doubt it will be any kind of an intimate relationship. We always will have some closeness, but I think we have just a marriage of the minds, the two of us, and he's great to work with. A bit of yin and yang in that relationship, for sure.

    • Marg: I'm more willing to sit back and let things come to me, but this business is too competitive, and one has got to be more aggressive and go for things. Those are the ones that succeed.

    • Marg: My career is always just been putting one foot in front of the other.

    • Marg: When I think of home, I think of fishing with my dad.

  • It's time to change

    She should be playing grandmother roles instead of trying to look hot maybe I could take her more seriously but to be honest I've never cared for her
  • What's not to like about her?

    She's fierce, gets down to business, a no-nonsense lady, and she looks presentable all the time like what I'd imagine a CSI agent to be. She is definitely gifted, and I'd like to see her more.