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  • Funny woman.

    Like her. Not the best at things but who cares.
  • Steals material from greater talents.

    Little better than a "shock jock" comedian. Says "outrageous" things, nothing particularly interesting or different. The novelty value of having an A-A woman saying these things has the politically correct crowd flocking to her show, but I am still waiting for her to say somethings NEW. When you listen to new routines from great comedians like Pryor, Carlin, Rock, etc. you get a brand new perspective. With her, you get the same multi-culti cliches that I heard in college many years ago with the novelty of an angry A-A woman saying them. Also, her supporters keep claiming she is working for "tolerance" but all I usually hear is cries for intolerance and hate-crimes directed against Euro-American men.
  • Hillarious

    San Francisco native Margaret Cho is one of the funniest comediennes. Margaret tells funny personal stories and makes them funnier. she can make you lol earily. Cho tells it like it iswhithout and sugar coating whatsoever. The brutal truth is refreshing andneeds to be told and Margaret delivers nothing less. Margaret is not afraid to use anyone for comic material from world leaders, to some citizens which she had issues with, to her own mother. Cho's material gets to the root of every problem in society. Some DVD releases of her act include; I'm the One That I Want, Cho Revolution, and Notorious C.H.O. Cho encourages people to be who they want to be and promotes tolorence. There is no wonder why she is adored by majorities and minorites alike.