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  • Trivia

    • While viewing Peter Pan, Margaret's husband, Jack Wilcox, leaned towards her and said, "Margaret, I'd recognize those thighs anywhere."

    • Marc Davis, the famous creator of Bambi, Thumper, and animating Cinderella and Cruella de Vil, created the character of Tinker Bell.

    • Margaret has her own website titled "Tinker Bell Talks."

    • Margaret appeared on the General Motors 50th Anniversary Show in 1957. She also appeared on the TV Public Access show You've Got to be Joking! in 1993.

    • It was widely believed that Marilyn Monroe was the actual model for Tinker Bell, not Margaret Kerry.

    • Famed animater Marc Davis drew Tinker Bell for the Disney movie Peter Pan based on Margaret's acting.

    • Margaret performed the voice of the red-haired mermaid in Disney's Peter Pan.

    • Margaret was first married to Dick Brown. Married on October 6, 1951, they were divorced on June 1, 1984. With him, she had 3 children. Margaret remarried on August 16, 1987 to John H. Wilcox. He died on December 23, 1999.

    • Margaret is the co-author and facilitator of the FUNdamentals of Speaking Seminars.

    • Margaret is a certified seminar leader by the American Seminar Leaders Association.

    • Margaret is known as a keynote and motivational speaker, communications trainer, storyteller, and comedian.

    • Margaret became the Community Services Director at KKLA 99.5. She later led the Southern California Buyers Network - a program that linked over 100 sponsors to over 200 non-profit organizations.

    • Margaret produced her own radio show called "What's Up Weekly" at KKLA 99.5. It was the most listened-to Christian talk radio station in the word.

    • Margaret can be seen in several live-action segments of The New Three Stooges. She also voiced all the kids, females, and various odd characters in the animated series.

    • Margaret starred in one of TV's first family sitcoms: The Charlie Ruggles Show. Margaret was cast as the Shannon, the eldest daughter. America watched Shannon grow over the years, and on the show's final episode, Margaret's character was married and on her honeymoon. It was a major media event.

    • Margaret performed in the musical Let There Be Stars and Stop, Look, and Listen.

    • Margaret starred as co-host/performer for Teleteen Reporter. The show lasted 2 years.

    • Margaret graduated high school with honors.

    • After Margaret graduated from college, she headed for Fox to take up a job as assistant dance director for the super musical I'll Get By.

    • Several years after graduating high school, Margaret returned to Los Angeles to attend Los Angeles City College. She graduated cum laude.

    • Margaret landed a dance number staged by Nick Castle and Charlie O'Curran titled My Brooklyn Love Song.

    • Margaret was cast as a dancer and actor in The Little Rascals in 1935.

    • Peggy's name became Margaret when she landed the part as a teenage daughter of Eddie Cantor and Joan Davis in the comedy-musical If You Knew Susie. Eddie Cantor came up with Peggy's new name.

    • Margaret's height is 5'2" (1.57 m).

  • Quotes

    • Margaret: The first time I knew anyone was collecting Tinker Bell memorabilia was when I was invited to a Hollywood Collectors' Show. I was surprised that people wanted me to sign a Tink photo for them. I didn't have any!

    • Margaret: Tinker Bell was isolated on a great big soundstage that went on forever. There was no one for me to react to...I had to conjure up everything.

    • Margaret: (regarding her acting for Tinker Bell) The pouting and anger were fun to do.