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  • Until 2009, Margaret Mountford was one of the aides to Sir (now Lord) Alan Sugar on the UK version of 'The Apprentice' and she was very, very good at what she did!

    Irish-born Margaret Mountford became a corporate lawyer before starting work with Sir Alan (now Lord Alan) Sugar over 25 years ago. Margaret has come into prominence by being one of Lord Sugar's two aides on 'The Apprentice: UK', the other being the debonaire Nick Hewer. Margaret's job on the show was to follow around one of the two teams each week and then report back to Sir Alan on their activities and results. During her on camera moments, a very quick and sometimes sarcastic wit was evident but her personality made her very popular with the fans and she has attracted quite a following of her own.

    In 2009, after 5 seasons assisting Sir Alan on the show, she 'retired' to continue her studies where she is completing a doctorate 'before I need a zimmer frame to go and accept it.'. Born in 1952, it seems that the zimmer frame is a long way off and that Margaret will more than likely turn up on our screens again at some point, particularly as her first foray into television was so successful.