Margaret Pomeranz

Margaret Pomeranz


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Margaret Pomeranz is a famed movie critic on Australian television. She and David Stratton have been together on television for over twenty years, first as hosts of The Movie Show on SBS, for which she was also executive producer, until moving to the ABC for At The Movies.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She is a member of the inaugural board of the Australian Writers' Foundation.

    • She served as executive producer of the AFI awards and the IF awards.

    • She was the executive producer of a number of shows on the SBS, such as Front Up and Subsonics.

    • She established The Movie Show in 1986 with David Stratton, initially as only the executive producer. However, she could not find a suitable female co-host to David and decided take the part herself.

    • She became involved in the surge of Australian film productions in the 1970s.

    • She married the filmmaker Hans Pomeranz.

    • She started out on ABC Rural Radio, covering stories such as the sale of Australian hoses to Hungarian farmers and the implications of the success or failure of the Russian wheat crop.

    • She received her first taste of working in the media when she went to Vienna for two and a half years in the middle of her teritary studies.

    • On At The Movies she has become known for her large earrings, which she says are designed by a friend of hers.

    • She was presented with an Order Of Australia on Australia Day (January 26), 2005.

    • She is actively against the movie production companies who refuse to offer critics preview screenings of their films.

    • She has been critical of the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification, the Australian censorship body, on a number of occasions over their rating system for movies.

    • She is an anti-censorship campaigner, having been a prominent attendee of the showing of the film Ken Park, which was banned in Australia.

    • Upon graduating from university, she went to NIDA - The National Institute of Dramatic Arts.

    • For her tertiary education she attended Macquarie University, which had only just opened, where gained an Arts Degree in German and Psychology.

    • She had initially attended Sydney University studying an economics degree, before abandoning it.

    • For her tertiary education, she attended Macquarie University, New South Wales, which had only just opened.

    • She attended the Presbyterian Ladies' College in Sydney.

    • Margaret and David Stratton had also co-hosted The Movie Show on SBS, before they made the switch to the ABC.

    • She co-hosts the show At The Movies with David Stratton on the ABC.

    • Margaret is an Australian film critic.

  • Quotes

    • Margaret: This whole show emerged from a real love of cinema and David (Stratton) is amazingly devoted to it.

    • Margaret: (On working with David Stratton for 20 years) It's through not fancying each other at all that it's worked so well.

    • Margaret: (On working with David Stratton for 20 years) I don't think we've ever considered divorce. I think we've considered death, but not divorce.