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  • I admit that I must be old enough to be her Father or even Grandfather. Regardless, Margo is as special, beautiful and talented as Elizabeth Taylor, or Natalie Wood. Also, as watchable as Lori Martin, but I hope her career will continue longer like the

    She demonstrated quite a range of acting talent in Even Stevens. From the \"cute\" girl next door to an intelligent serious talent. Her two most impressive perfomances were her Recitation at the talent show, and her audition for the agent. She has a powerful presence with her \"Gothic\" mood. And her freezing stare is a priceless version of the double take. She also had a very sensitive loyalty to Shia\'s character. As she advanced to \"Run of the House\" she was also appropriately sensational as the maturing beautiful teen. In \"Recipe for Disaster\" she displayed a leadership quality in her character. I really look forward to seeing her in \"Simon Says\", \"Rise\" and as I understand an episode of \"Everwood\" I hope she stays for more appearances there, \"Everwood\" is my favorite prime time show. You may have read my messages before suggesting she be the re-cast of Bianca Montgomery on All My Children. Now of course I realize that is up to her, and the role may not even be re-activated for a year, BUT now is the time for fans to be heard. If she is not interested in doing soaps, thats OK with me. I just don\'t want her to miss out on a fan\'s interest. Lately I have been suggesting that she consider reading a certain book and get together with its author if she likes it. Now if she is interested in horror films, this is the perfect vehicle, Historical Horror, with Margo not merely as the heroine, but the HERO, as a Russian college student in a California college. This if put together well could mean an oscar for her. Its a combination of \"Anastasia\" and \"On a Clear Day\". A book I read in the 1980s which is still fresh today. \"Dmitri\" The story of how the 9 year old son of Ivan the Terrible was murdered by Boris Godunov then brought back to life only to be killed again.

    This actress has so much promise for great work and success. She deserves all her fans\' support.