Marguerite MacIntyre

Marguerite MacIntyre


5/11/1961, Michigan, USA

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Marguerite MacIntyre


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Marguerite MacIntyre has a long list of acting achievements that began with her first play at age sixteen. She has appeared in many theatre productions such as the Fahrenheit 451 and South Pacific. She has also appeared in Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. Some of her appearances include Janemore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Nicole Trager in ABC Family's drama Kyle XY.

    Of all the characters on the show (and I loved them all) her performance as Nicole blew me away. There has to be a lot of Nicole in Marguerite Macintyre for her to play the character so well. In all honesty this is the only show I have seen that brought Marguerite to my attention, I am the type that really does not notice an actor till thy give me a riveting performance. So Marguerite if you ever happen to read this review. I can only say. congratulations Unbelievable Job and performancemoreless
  • Marguerite is a fabulous actress!

    I absolutely love Marguerite! She brings such an incredible stability to Kyle XY. She is definitely the mother but she is also strong and gentle, smart and observant. She is a rock. She always knows exactly what to do, what to say, in every situation. She is quiet when necessary and stern when she needs to be. Her voice is so calming and her smile is contagious. She is beautiful and I have to believe in real life she is as wonderful and she seems to be in Kyle XY. No one could play this part better. She is the perfect choice.moreless