Maria Canals

Maria Canals


9/28/1966, Miami, Florida

Birth Name

Maria Pilar Canals



Also Known As

Maria Pilars Canals-Barrera, Maria Pilars Canals, Maria Barrera, Maria Canals, Maria Canals-Barrera
  • David Deluise as Jerry Russo, Maria Cana...
  • Maria Canals-Barrera on Wizards of Waver...
  • David Deluise as Jerry Russo, Maria Cana...
  • Maria Canals-Barrera from Wizards of Wav...
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Maria Canals is a Hispanic actress, born in Miami, Florida, September 28, 1966. She received her Theatre degree from the University of Miami's drama school, and has worked extensively in theatre in both Miami and Los Angeles. She made her network television debut in the 1993 TV series…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She provided the voice of the Brazillian super-heroine Fire on Justice League Unlimited for her Hispanic accent.

    • She says that Selena Gomez (who plays her daughter on Wizard's of Waverly Place) and Demi Lovato (who plays her daughter on Camp Rock) jokingly bicker of her saying things like: "She's my mom!" "No she's my mom!".

    • Maria was nominated for an ALMA award for Oustanding Actress in a Comedy Series for The Tony Danza Show in 1998.

    • Maria is 5'6" (1.68 m) tall.

    • Maria Canals won the "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Television Series
      for": "The Brothers Garcia" in 2000.

    • Maria Canals was chosen for the Hawkgirl character on Justice League because she has a Hispanic accent.

    • Maria is married to actor David Barrera.

  • Quotes

    • Maria Canals: (about Justice League) The stories are very much for everyone. You can be a 12- or 13-year-old kid or you can be an adult and still thoroughly enjoy these stories. They tell interesting stories that are beautifully animated. There are mysteries, there is humor, there is depth. There is romance, even. And I love the way they get the best of everything and put it together in an animated show.

    • Maria Canals: (about Hawkgirl) She is fearless, she is mysterious, which I love about her. When you see it, you'll see how beautifully they animate her when she flies. She lifts up in the air and she flies and spins and somersaults. She's very graceful, and yet the next minute she's kicking a space alien's butt. She's very tough. She has this weapon - my mace - and I have this war cry that I love when I get to do. It relieves a lot of stress when I do it.

  • I think that she does not recive enough credit for her talent.

    Maria Canals is a very talented actress. She has played voice acting roles on several shows: Sunset on The Proud Family, Palena on Danny Phantom, and most noteworthy Halkgirl (my favroit Justice League character) on Justice League. She has also stared in Camp Rock and Wizards of Waverly Place (both the movie and the show). Honestly when I watch these shows it makes me mad to see how little she is credited. For one thing whenever you here about Wizards of Waverly place the names Selena, David, and Jake come to mind but never Maria. The honest truth about WOWP is that she is the best actress on the show and if the movie did not prove it to people then I don't know what to say. It is my opinion that her acting carried the movie (I mean the whole show was basicaly about her relationship with Alex) and the same goes for Camp Rock. I really love her work and hope to she her be reconized more for her talents in the future.moreless
  • Maria Canals Barrera is a current regular as "Theresa Russo" on "Wizards of Waverly Place" and had a supporting role in the Disney Channel Movie "Camp Rock."

    What to say, what to say? First ill start with that Barrera has done a fantastic job on Wizards, and even though not having a particularly huge role within the show, and having to deal with special effects, which has proved difficult for a variety of actors and actresses, Barrera has proved that she knows what she is doing. She has handed out fantastic performance after fantastic performance. Now i will move to Camp Rock. Camp Rock was a bad movie. But the songs and outstanding vocals made it a mediocre movie, but the amazing performance, and i mean, amazing performance by Barrera pushed the movie up to being fair. She was supporting and i really dont think that she got credit for her fantastic portrayal. Congrats!moreless