Maria Lark

Maria Lark


Siberia, Russia

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Maria was born in Siberia, Russia and was adopted to her adoptive mother, Peggy. She lived in New York with her mother and attended a private school. Maria was asked by an acting scout to audition for some commercial auditions but her mother rejected the offer. She later…more


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  • maria lark is a breath of fresh air!

    I enjoy the show "Medium" but I must confess I really tune in because I am hooked on Bridge. Ever since the first season when she walked around in the red bike helmut until now, I eagerly await her banter, words of wisdom and genuine comfort in her own skin...wouldn't it be great if more people could be a little more like this cool kid? Rumor has it that she refused to comb her hair so that's how the bike helmut happened...and that she's a big fan of the goodies at craft services : ) be that free again...I hope you are having the time of your life Maria! Superstar*moreless
  • Charming, smart and a real character.

    Maria is one of the reasons I watch Medium. She's smart, funny, and is authentic on the screen, coming across as a real child, and not a "child playing a child", like many child actors do.

    I rarely see her in scenes with one of her adult co-stars. She's a scene stealer, so I can understand that. And I love how she relates to the other actors on the show, especially Sophia, the older actress playing her big sister.

    I hope to see her in a lot more than commercials and Medium in the future, as she grows older. Go, Maria! You're awesome!moreless