Maria Lark





Siberia, Russia

Birth Name




Maria was born in Siberia, Russia and was adopted to her adoptive mother, Peggy. She lived in New York with her mother and attended a private school.

Maria was asked by an acting scout to audition for some commercial auditions but her mother rejected the offer. She later learned that one job could pay for a whole year's tuition at Maria's school and decided to bring Maria to audition in their spare time.

One of those auditions was for NBC's 'Medium.' Maria landed the role and now stars as the adorable Bridgette DuBois.

Maria loves hanging around at her house, relaxing and watching television. She loves watching television shows on the 'Disney Channel,' the 'Cartoon Network' and 'Nickelodeon.'

Maria and her adoptive mother relocated to Los Angeles after Maria got the role and still resides there to date.