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Maria Miles

Maria Miles

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  • Skins Season 2, Episode 2, featured a brilliant young actress, Aimee-ffion Edwards, portraying a troubled young woman (Lucy) stalking a handsome gay man (Maxxie). Edwards received many positive reviews for her performance and they were very well deserved.moreless

    Maria Miles portrayed the disabled single parent (Shiela) of a very troubled teenage daughter (Lucy) in Episode 2 "Sketch" in the second season of Skins. This aired in February 2008. Shiela is, in my opinion, the strongest and most admirable character Maria Miles has portrayed thus far (including Nellie Chapman) and the loving relationship between Shiela and Lucy was rendered with much sensitivity. Unfortunately, their relationship seems to have been confined to this one episode and did not develop further on the series. Although paralyzed from the waist down and very dependent upon her daughter Lucy for basic physical needs (such as moving to the commode), Shiela is evidently a loving, conscientious parent who is unaware of the depth of Lucy's secret infatuations and delusional lifestyle until an uncharacteristically cruel remark by the daughter to her very worried mother creates a shock wave of realization. Although not a Skins fan, I would nevertheless have liked to see how this relationship between Shiela and Lucy might have carried beyond this episode. --- Since my wife and I experienced the difficulty of parenting two rowdy teenage boys (albeit 20 years ago), my own empathy was with Shiela --faced with a much more difficult, really nightmarish parenting situation than we had ever imagined. The great acting talent and personal beauty of Maria Miles created in Shiela an admirable and attractive character --- far more so than any of the other "adult" figures I have seen in this teeny program. I understand that Maria Miles has had MS since the mid-1990s and hope (pray) that she is well and can take some comfort in the fact that her work (past and present) is admired.moreless