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Maria Ricossa

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Maria Ricossa


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She has two daughters.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • During 2004, Maria was appearing on two different shows, playing the mom of one of the main characters on each. The shows are Degrassi: The Next Generation and MISSING (1-800-MISSING).

    • After appearing in several episodes of the first season of MISSING (1-800-MISSING), Maria hardly appeared in more, although she was talked about from time to time.

    • The only TV movie Maria was in in 2006 was Absolution as Maria Toratelli.

    • Maria was in the following TV movies in 2003:
      Out of the Ashes as Esther Jacob
      The In-Laws as Katherine Peyser
      Sex & the Single Mom as Deena
      Finding John Christmas as Marcy Bernard

    • Maria was in the following TV movies in 2002:
      Her Best Friend's Husband as Lorraine
      The Brady Bunch in the White House as Reporter Kelly Brooks

    • Maria was in the following TV movies in 2001:
      Drive Time Murders as Dr. Emily Wilmont
      Bojangles as Rae
      The Familiar Stranger
      And Never Let Her Go as Gina Caggiano
      Harvard Man as Charlotte Jensen

    • In 2000, Maria was in Twice in a Lifetime as Olympia and Thin Air as Marty.

    • Maria was in the following movies/TV movies in 1999:
      The Wishing Tree as Philomena Parnell
      Mind Prey as Nancy Wolfe
      To Love, Honor, & Betray as Maria Hermann
      A Map of the World as a realtor
      Forget Me Never as Linda
      A Gift of Love: The Daniel Huffman Story as Dr. Estelle Jenkins

    • In 1996, Maria was in the following movies/tv movies:
      Due South as a furniture mover
      Hostile Advances: The Kerry Ellison Story as Liz

    • In 1994, Maria was in the TV movie Against Their Will: Women in Prison as Leslie Mass. In 1995, she was in Butterbox Babies as Mrs. Kellerman.

    • In 1993, Maria was in the following movies/tv movies:
      Gregory K as Marie Esteban
      Searching for Bobby Fischer as Gym Parent

    • Maria was in the following TV movies in 1992:
      Last Wish as Dr. Findlay
      To Catch a Killer as Helen Gacy
      Teamster Boss: The Jackie Presser Story as Dorothy

    • In 1989, along with being in several shows, Maria was in the TV movie Dead Man Out.

    • Maria took a three-year break from acting from 1984-1986.

    • In 1983 Maria was only in one movie, Class, in which she plays a table friend.

    • Maria played Mrs. Burns in Some Things That Stay in 2004.

    • Maria has been working in movies and on TV since 1983.

  • Quotes

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