Maria Thayer

Maria Thayer


10/30/1975, Boring, Oregon, USA

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  • Wow!....a great actress and drop dead gorgeous.

    I have seen Maria in Comedy Central's Strangers With Candy where she played the semi-regular role of Tammi. She was such a great actress and she left a lasting impression on me. She is in her late 20s, but looks like a teenager. SHes got beautiful eyes. Shes got silky red hair. Shes got rich, full lips and a great smile with a nice cleft chin. She's gorgeous and can act. I hope she makes it big!moreless
  • A truly pleasant person.

    I used to work with Maria at a Barnes & Noble bookstore in Burnsville, Minnesota before she became successful (and before I hit rock bottom and was writing online reviews at 4 AM.) Unfortunately, I only got to be friends with her for a short time just before she headed off to Julliard. I had been acting theatrically in the Twin Cities since 1993, and learned that I don't really like actors or the theater in general. She was one of the few exceptions. She had a great sense of humor (which I probably wore out testing possible Reader's Digest joke submissions out on) and a bashfully infectious laugh. She also had a cute little red mustache on her upper lip! I briefly corresponded with her by mail and telephone while she was at Julliard (this was before e-mail became popular, and made keeping in touch so much easier and more convenient for both parties!), but we gradually lost touch. I was therefore very glad (and a little envious I admit!) to see that when she came back to Minnesota she immediately landed a couple of leading roles at the Guthrie Theatre, and even gladder (is that the right word?) to see that she's been quite successful on television ever since (though I haven't seen any of her work as about all I watch are Three's Company and Walker, Texas Ranger re-runs, thank God for that Walker re-union movie!). Fans of Maria's can rest assured that she's worth their support as she truly is one of the few genuinely nice people in the business. Jeeze, I thought it was 4, but I guess my computer clock automatically changed and it's 5! God, I'm pathetic! Anyway, here's to continued success for Miss Maria Thayer!moreless