Marie Avgeropoulos

Marie Avgeropoulos


6/17/1986, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

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    • Marie: (on her role in the movie A Remarkable Life and the similarities with herself) In May I begin shooting a film in Denver, Colorado called A Remarkable Life. I play an alternative gal named Chelsea who rides a Harley and kicks the crap out of a drum kit while finding romance in an unlikely place- with an older man. Duh, match made in heaven? I think so

    • Marie: (on liking comedy and improv) I love comedy, and improv. Making viewers laugh is a gift I am proud to share with others whenever given the opportunity. Working on 50/50 with Seth Rogan was a blast because he doesn't stick to the script in the scenes. We had a lot of room to play around with the comedy. I really enjoyed working with him. In MTV's The INBetweeners that'll be premiering this year sometime, I had the chance to show my playful side and stretch my comedic muscles too.

    • Marie: (on commercial she hates) Any commercial advertising medicine. How can you expect to show a 30 second montage of happy people smiling, holding hands, and singing Kumbaya while the voice over says the extreme opposite... 'take this and experience death in 3D, shingles, werewolf syndrome... smallpox...'.

    • Marie: (on her favorite hockey team) I started my journey after college in Vancouver, so by default I felt like the locals there would beat me down for not screaming for the Canucks like a true puck bunny. I mean, did you not hear about those hockey riots? Canadians claim to be 'polite pushovers' until you mess with their hockey.

    • Marie: (on moving from Vancouver to LA) I live in Los Angeles, been here about a year now. Vancouver was a great place to bud my career, but only being able to ride my Harley a few months out of the year where the weather is freezing, raining or snowing was a bit of an issue. In sunny So-Cal I can ride the hog all year round. But I love going home back to Thunder Bay and re-grouping with the outdoorsy gal in me.

    • Marie: (on living in LA) I'm Canadian so it's nice to live in L.A. where you can ride it all year long and it's not freezing and minus 40 so it's a bonus.

    • Marie: (on having a motorcycle) I have a 1200 cc Harley Davidson motorcycle that I like to rip around.

    • Marie: (on missing her pet dog) If I could bottle the way my dog smells and spritz myself with it, I would. I miss my girl that much.

    • Marie: (on her role in The 100) I play Octavia. For population control purposes, on the arch you're only allowed to have one child. So my mother had to keep me contained in floorboards for 13 years and when I was caught she was imprisoned and I was executed

    • Marie: (on her character in The 100 knowing how to sew) That's my thing, which is so weird because it's sort of a delicate thing for such an edgy, bad character like mine. Yeah, she's just gathering food and all sorts of stuff.

    • Marie: (on her role in the TV series The 100) I am the only character in the show with a sibling, which is pretty amazing, to have that experience. Because there's limited resources on the drop ship, we deal with population control a lot. So it's illegal to have more than one child, and I was the second of two. So when I was discovered, they killed my mother for that crime, and they put me in jail. So it's pretty amazing to be on Earth and to have that brother sister dynamic with somebody, because it's unique because nobody else on the show has that.

    • Marie: I've got a potty mouth, absolutely. It doesn't sound very ladylike. I call it the Thunder Bay accent.