Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond


10/13/1959, Ogden, Utah, U.S.

Birth Name

Olive Marie Osmond


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As a teenager, Marie endeared herself to an entire generation. That bond with her audience not only continued, but grew stronger with the daytime entertainment/talk show Donny & Marie, which premiered in the fall of 1998 and ran for two seasons.

Marie was first thrust into the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Marie was ranked #4 on Entertainment Tonight's "Hot List of 2007".

    • Marie dated former Bee Gee Andy Gibb but they broke up because Marie's parents did not approve of the relationship.

    • According to Celebrity Sleuth magazine, Marie's measurements are 33 1/2-23-34.

    • Growing up, one of Marie's idols was Loretta Lynn.

    • In the summer of 2006, Marie was hospitalized for a bad reaction to medication and denied reports that she had attempted suicide.

    • Marie and Donny action dolls were released wearing outfits made famous by their television show. The dolls were also holding microphones.

    • Marie has struggled with post-partum depression and wrote a book about it called Behind the Smile: My Journey out of Post-Partum Depression.

    • Marie and her brother, Donny, were offered their own television series after co-hosting on The Mike Douglas Show.

    • She starred in the television Christmas movie The Gift of Love based on the story The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry.

    • She did voice recordings for the book Rose Petal Place as the voice of Rose.

    • Marie starred in a touring production of The Sound of Music in the 1990s.

    • Marie helped compile The Very Best of Donny and Marie: Volume One.

    • Marie has eight brothers - Donny, Alan, Jay, Jimmy, Merrill, Wayne, Tom, and Virl.

    • Marie married Brian Blosil October 28, 1986. They separated after 20 years of marriage. They had eight children together, five of whom are adopted. All the children's last names are Blosil (the second name listed is their middle name). Stephen (b. 1983) Jessica Marie (b. 1987), Rachael Lauren (b. 1989), Michael Thomas (b. 1991), Brandon Warren (b. 1996), Brianna Patricia (b. 1997), Matthew Richard (b.1999) and Abigail Michlle (b. 2002).

    • Marie turned down the starring role in the movie, Grease (1978) on "moral grounds".

    • As of August 2006 Marie will be celebrating her 15th anniversary of creating and designing dolls with the QVC network.

    • While The Donny and Marie Show was in production she was told that if she didn't lose fifteen pounds the show would be cancelled.

    • Marie is the daughter of George Osmond and Olive Osmond.

    • Marie was very famous in the 70's for her brother/sister act with brother Donny Osmond.

  • Quotes

    • Marie: (on the Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photo scandal) I can only speak for myself, but, for example, the Miley thing -- her dad stepped out (of the photo shoot). My parents never, never left us alone. How do you say no to somebody like Annie (Leibovitz) when you're a little girl? If your kids are going to be in that kind of business, then you need to make it your business to be there for them.

    • Marie: (on her favorite memories of her mother) When I would come home from 15-hour workdays, [she'd say], "Come on, it's time to learn to make bread" or "We're going to learn to sew." And I did look at her, like, are you kidding me? But she never wanted me to love my work more than I loved being a mother. She actually passed away on Mother's Day, and I always joke that it's because, with all those boys, she wanted them to remember the date!

    • Marie: (on her son) My son is the most amazing young man you will ever meet � I could not be more proud of him than any mother on the planet. He's dealing with his issues, he's facing it. There are a lot of people who struggle with this nowadays. Nobody is exempt. Every family is touched by it.

    • Marie: (on her son being in rehab) No matter what we've been through, that [family] loyalty is what's pulled us through. You have to be able to say come on back, come on home, we love you.

    • Marie: You know, you don't work 30 something years in this business without knowing how to push yourself. So, I just kept pushing myself and pushing myself.

    • Marie: Anyway, after the delivery your body comes back down and over a period of two weeks builds your progesterone back to normal levels. With PPD, your levels are very, very low and build up very slowly.

    • Marie: (On Tom Cruise lashing out at Brooke Shields for using anti-depressants after the birth of her daughter Marie told People) When Tom becomes a woman and has a baby and has postpartum, then he can become an expert.